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Updated: Apr 5, 2022

My husband was told he had an important work presentation that needed to take place on Tuesday 5th October which was two weeks away, I had just turned 36 weeks. We had agreed we would focus on the presentation and not discuss/ prepare anything baby related until it was done. As the weeks went by, I had grown more and more uncomfortable. I could not imagine remaining pregnant to 40 weeks, let alone after that which is of course expected in first pregnancies. The night before the presentation we went for a (VERY SLOW) walk late evening to finalise points of the presentation, I had to stop several times just with sheer discomfort and feeling utterly pregnant.

That evening I had decided to cook a new recipe containing gnocchi , which was disgusting - neither of us ate it. We climbed into bed at 11.30 pm having not eaten. At 11.45 I woke with a mild period type cramp, I had assumed I had given myself food poisoning from the disgusting meal I cooked! I wondered to the bathroom and just as I had entered into the hard floor, I had a trickle of fluid go down my leg- 'Ive wet myself??' I assumed... pregnancy is so glamorous I thought. I went to the toilet (again unusual at this late hour) and went to stand up and had a further gush of water splat onto the floor. Could this be?? I called out for my husband to come quickly as I was not sure if I had wet myself or if my waters had begun to break.. I did not want to get my hopes up! Charles ran over in excitement and quickly got onto his knees to investigate the fluid and ascertain if it was indeed waters! We agreed it was! We called one of the homebirth team midwives on duty that night to let her know, she advised for me to get back into bed and gather as much rest and energy in readiness for what was to come the following day- she also of course advised for me to ring her if I am having 3 contractions in ten minutes lasting a minute or more.

I hung up, and quickly instructed Charles to go downstairs and make me a giant bowl of pasta, I was concerned that I was not energised for what was ahead having not eaten a proper supper! Charles left me to make pasta, in that short time my 'cramps' had returned and become regular! I didn't believe for a second things had begun so quickly so I kept telling myself, ' surely not'!! By the time Charles had returned presenting me with a large bowl of pasta, I couldn't even look at it or talk to him to tell him I did not want it anymore. Contractions had come thick and fast- I told him to quickly start the list of jobs to prepare the 'birth space', off he went putting up affirmation cards, fairy lights and filling our birth pool.