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This EXCLUSIVE group IS for:


Pregnant women who want to understand and nurture their body through pregnancy and motherhood.


Pregnant women who want evidence-based information and support over a 9 month period.


Expectant mum's who want to feel strong, empowered and connected to their body during their journey.


Those ready to embrace honest, midwifery guidance every step of the way for a positive experience.


Expectant mum's ready to be part of a supportive community where you can ask all of your questions.

This EXCLUSIVE group IS NOT for:


Pregnant women who do not want to invest time in having a positive, informed pregnancy experience.


Expectant mum's who do not value supporting each other and connecting with other mum's.


Those who do not want to be able to ask a midwife questions throughout their 9 month journey.

For more honesty...

I am putting SO much time, dedication and expertise into this course so I only want to work with women who are willing to put that level of investment into themselves (and their little one of course!) and those who are ready to help, support and share with others in the community too.

Here is how it works...

First, you’ll need to enter your details below.


Then you’ll be taken to an application page where I ask you all sorts of questions about you and your pregnancy / motherhood goals and motivations.

I will personally review every application submitted and make sure we are a good match and that this programme really is the right step for you. If it is not I will politely let you know. 


Why am I doing this two step sign-up process?

Because I want to make sure I can really help YOU.

My ethos is to make sure everything we do has you at the centre and I want to ensure that you are able to get the very best from this unique 9 month programme.

We are going to be working together closely over the course so it is important we are a good match and that I can leave you feeling empowered and positive from Trimester 1 right through to Trimester 4! 

OK, Here is the first step...