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Have The Most Supported, Informed and Empowered Pregnancy.


To feel Informed

To feel Empowered

To feel Supported

If you are in Trimester 1 or 2 and looking for pregnancy advice, information and want to be supported by a Midwife 24/7, then I've got something special for you.

But first let me ask you this... have you been googling issues, felt unsupported and had nowhere to turn for the correct advice and support?

The Very Best Honest, Evidence Based Expert Advice with Midwife Pip

Midwife Pip Antenatal Course
Hi, I'm Midwife Pip
Practicing Midwife Sister, Podcaster, Researcher and Mum. Currently working as a Delivery Suite Sister, I have a wealth of experience supporting women and parents to be through all aspects of pregnancy, birth and postpartum.I have spent 1000's of hours working with pregnant women and delivering babies, but found many women felt uninformed, lacking confidence and questioning if they could have done things differently through each trimester. 
I have now decided to make a significant commitment of time, effort and energy into the success of a small and very select number of women in supporting them through their entire pregnancy and this is the very reason I created Your Pregnancy Journey.  Since space is very limited, I am accepting women on an application basis only.

Midwife Pip 

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Having the right education, support and people behind you, will ensure you have everything you need to have the healthiest, happiest and most positive experience through Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond.

This exclusive course is dedicated to give you the very best in pregnancy support, making sure you have all the answers you will ever need on your pregnancy journey.

What our members are saying...

Midwife Pip Testimonial

"Pip answered questions and queries throughout the course She always provided helpful and quick responses Despite not going to plan the birth was a positive experience for us both and we believe that is down to what we learnt in the course which allowed us to feel in control of each decision . Thank you Pip for all your support!

Hannah Lyon-Wall

Your Pregnancy Journey

Midwife Pip Testimonial

"Having Pip by my side throughout my pregnancy and postpartum I am so glad I took the plunge to join the course. An important investment into undoubtably the most amazing journey you’ll ever take. Thank you Pip x

Beth Hodge

Your Pregnancy Journey


I help you achieve... On Your Journey
Through The Most Supported Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond.


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Alice Wilson

Your Pregnancy Journey

"I have felt informed and supported at every step of the way. As Pip is a practising NHS midwife she was able to give practical, appropriate, expert advice.


I truly feel I had the most magical birth.

I high recommend Pip's course."

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How can you make sure you embrace a confident and informed journey through pregnancy and into motherhood?
Your pregnancy and birth are incredibly important times with a range of challenges and questions inevitably cropping up along the way. Google searches are not adequatein fact with the sea of unreliable information out there an internet search about your pregnancy is disempowering at best, and at worst can be very dangerous.  You and your baby need and deserve  expert-led, evidence based and honest information.
Pregnancy Education by a Practicing Midwifery Sister.

How can you ensure you have the level of support you want?
Pip's course has a 360 degree support approach so you can ask her questions personally, anytime and anywhere as well as your beautiful community group for those mum-to-mum questions too. Your Live Calls with Pip are a further opportunity to delve into topics and ensure no stone is left unturned. The group is kept small so Pip can get to know you personally, understand your goals and support you to achieve them.
Expert Support, like no other, at the click of a button. 

How can you make sure you are fully prepared for this journey?
Informed decision making is incredibly important to a positive experience, there are seemingly constant questions to navigate during this time. We can only achieve full empowerment through comprehensive pregnancy, birth and fourth trimester preparation. This allows us to embrace a healthy, happy and confident pregnancy and to feel excited and prepared for birth and motherhood.
Optimise your Pregnancy Health and Wellbeing and manage your Pregnancy Symptoms. 


There are 5 Key Stages that are important - These stages have been carefully designed to ensure you are equipped and empowered through pregnancy, birth and beyond every step of the way. 

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Foundation Built on Evidence Based Expert Midwifery Practice
Understanding Your Body, Baby, Hormones and how they link into Pregnancy Physiology
Birth and Beyond Preparation Phase- including additional 5 step tier to optimise preparation 
Positive Pregnancy and Birth Success and Kickstarting Motherhood - Whatever that may look like to you
Physical and Psychological Tools and Techniques to support Pregnancy Health and Wellbeing


Midwife Pip holds your hand  through every stage of  your pregnancy and birth preparation ensuring you have all of the highest quality and honest information you need.

Be confident in making informed decisions and choices for you and your baby.

Know that you are equipped with the tools and techniques you need to have a positive and confident experience regardless of any twists or turns that may crop up.

Midwife Pip is on hand to answer your questions and queries as they arise so you always have access to reliable and expert information.

Join Pip on Live Support Calls where she can really get to know you, your goals and help you to achieve them.

Connect with other expectant parents through your exclusive community group chat.

No more Dr Google! You will have all the information and guidance you need anytime and anywhere to make the right choices as you embrace for the most monumental time in your life.
Growing and preparing to meet your baby should be an exciting time, not one you feel anxious or unsure about. You can feel excited, calm and confident along this journey with all your questions answers as and when they arise.

Ensure you feel like superwoman through this journey and are able to proactively optimise the wellbeing of you and your baby. 

Be a step ahead with an understanding about what to expect and how to manage pregnancy symptoms as well as being fully equipped for a positive birth experience.  
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Here is a sneak peek into what you can expect to learn...

  • Be guided with expert, evidence based information through each trimester of your pregnancy
  • Understand your body, baby and pregnancy physiology
  • Learn the reason behind pregnancy symptoms and know how to help manage and or reduce these
  • Learn to support your body and baby by optimising nutrition, pelvic health, mental wellbeing and much much more
  • Meet other expectant mums on the same journey as you
  • Be supported 24/7 with expert information and guidance at the click of a button - anytime and anywhere
  • Understand birth physiology
  • Learn about the importance of your birth environment
  • Know the stages of labour, what is happening through each and how to support your body and baby
  • Understand the comfort measures and pain relief options available to you
  • Create a positive mindset for birth and use the tools of Hypnobirthing breath work and visualisations to support you
  • Know what to expect and when to seek medical support
  • Understand all types of birth and how each can be positive and empowering
  • Myth bust common birth concerns and taboo topics such as Induction of Labour and Perineal Tearing
  • Information for Birth Partners and how they can support you during labour and birth
  • Understand how to care for yourself in the postpartum- from wound care to mental health and contraception advice
  • Understand how to look after your baby from infant feeding choices to nappies, winding, bathing and sleep
  • Have access to many bonus resources to ensure you are fully equipped to boss birth and the fourth trimester including essential baby choking advice, your birth preference check list and much more... 

Emma Paveley

Your Pregnancy Journey

"Pip’s course has been incredibly valuable and I feel so well informed and prepared. I love the science backed evidence that she not only provides but also explains so well too."

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Your Pregnancy Journey is my most exclusive course and it's aim is to help you have the most positive, supported, healthiest and stress free pregnancy for you and your family. 

Apply today and benefit from all the support and advice... Midwife Pip Personally Check's Every Application.

Your Pregnancy Journey with Midwife Pip

Your Pregnancy Journey with Midwife Pip
Your Pregnancy Journey

Your Midwife
Midwife Pip

Submit your information using the button below, and I will review your application.


Submitting does not mean you'll become a member or that you are guaranteed a place.


If I feel it's a good fit you will receive an email with next steps to take.

Your Pregnancy Journey is the most informative and supportive experience that I've ever offered.


 I have decided to make a significant commitment of time, effort and energy into the success of a small group of women.

I look forward to the potential opportunity to be supporting you on your pregnancy journey.

Join Now

So much more than just a course... Support like no other.

Foundation, Trimester 2, Trimester 3 and Antenatal and Hypnobirthing Courses
Understand how to be physically and psychologically prepared and informed throughout pregnancy,  birth and the early postpartum with honest, expert and evidence-based information supporting you each day.
24/7 Access to Midwife Pip
As a member you will have access to Midwife Pip 24/7 making sure you have all your questions answered. Pips Live Calls will ensure that you feel fully supported from positive pregnancy test to having your little one in your arms. 
Get to know other expectant parents and embrace the benefit of 360-degree support. When women support other women, amazing things happen.
Private Community & Group Chat

Are you ready to ensure you have the most Amazing Experience through Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond?

  • What Trimester is YPJ For?
    How does this look?
  • What qualifications does Pip have?
    Pip is an experienced and practicing NHS Midwifery Sister graduating with a first class BsC Midwifery. With 10 years of experience supporting many, many women, babies and families her passion for excellence is as strong as ever. Pip has gone onto complete a MsC as well as being involved in research projects and published literature to improve women's experiences in the maternity services. With a Diploma in KGH Hypnobirthing to add you really are in the very best, expert hands on this course with Pip. And, of course Pip is also a mum herself so she understands the journey you are on.

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