Postnatal Fitness


Who Is
Your Postnatal Fitness For?


Designed specifically for Postnatal Women… and yes that does include those of you who may have had a baby a number of years ago.  Looking after a baby can be stressful, not to mention tiring... That’s why Midwife Pip and Coach James and the rest of the community will be with you every step of the way to support you on Your Postnatal Journey.

The Programme:


An app based follow along training programme that is focused on allowing you to return to exercise, dominate motherhood and recover properly from birth to optimise your fitness:


  • 3+ Sessions Weekly

  • 10-45min Sessions

  • Immediate Recovery Techniques PostPartum

  • Phased Return to Exercise

  • Follow along videos from Midwife Pip and Coach James

  • Complete at home

  • Support Available Through The App & Community

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  • App Based Coaching     

  • Full Access to Updated Sessions     

  • Live Coaching Calls with Midwife Pip/Coach James Every 3 Weeks - Covering Your Fitness and Pregnancy Questions

Your Postnatal Fitness

What is the difference between Your Postnatal Fitness and Your Pregnancy Fitness?

Your Postnatal Fitness is specifically designed for anyone who has had a baby.


How is the Programme Delivered?

These programmes are delivered as follow along videos with Coach James and Midwife Pip through our interactive app.


How long are the training sessions?

Sessions last up to 45 mins including warm up and cool down.


Can I interact with the coaches?

Absolutely! Midwife Pip and Coach James are on hand to answer any questions you may have along with our community. You have the ability to post videos/pictures, share ideas and chat with other women to support you on your journey.


How long is my membership?

You will be billed each month from the date of purchase. We have a 3 month minimum commitment on all our online memberships