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Pregnancy Fitness



We think it is about time women were empowered to exercise during pregnancy and supported to feel powerful, capable, and strong along the way regardless of ability level.

Pregnancy Fitness
Exercise in Pregnancy with Midwife Pip

Pregnancy is a powerful time of opportunity in which you can influence the health of yourself and your growing baby. Exercise in pregnancy has been shown to reduce many pregnancy and birth complications and is a fantastic tool you should utilise to support the healthiest pregnancy possible. BUT pregnancy is a unique time whereby exercise should be specific to your new goals- pregnancy, birth, and motherhood to equip your body to progress through these important milestones comfortably and free from injury.

Pregnancy Exercise

Your Pregnancy Fitness

Specialised Programme

Your Pregnancy Fitness is a unique and specialised programme utilising periodisation to ensure your body is supported through every stage. With follow along videos by Coach James and Midwife Pip that you can complete in the comfort of your own home with adaptions making the programme suitable for all levels of fitness and abilities.


Lead by Coach James, Exercise
& Nutrition Scientist

You are in safe hands during Your Pregnancy Fitness- your programme is led by Coach James, Exercise and Nutrition Scientist and a Qualified Pregnancy & Postpartum Trainer. James has an extensive portfolio having worked within elite sport for many years from Premier League Football to Olympic and Commonwealth athletes and leading Independent Schools. James is also NSCS 'CSCS' accredited so you can guarantee your pregnancy exercise programme will be safe and effective in supporting you to reach your goals. Plus Midwife Pip is there every step with her expert pregnancy knowledge and guidance to ensure every movement is not only safe but is preparing your mind and body for the birth and postpartum journeys ahead.



Pregnancy is your period of preparation for birth and the postpartum. You wouldn’t sign up for a marathon then sit on the sofa for 9 months. Birth and motherhood are arguably the biggest marathons you’ll every undertake so let’s make sure your mind and body are fully prepared.

Your Body &

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With this expert guidance and support you will find you can safely do much more than you realised during your pregnancy and both your body, and your baby will thank you for it. Here is to pregnant and powerful!

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Your  PREGNANCY fitness 

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