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Antenatal Course, Hypnobirthing Course and Breastfeeding Course


Online Digital Pregnancy and the Postpartum Courses  combining elements of Live Calls, 24/7 Midwife Pip Access and Recorded Video's ensuring you have the full support you deserve.

Free Pregnancy Workshop

Just some of the companies we have worked with

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Midwife Pip Breastfeeding
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The Baby and Toddler Show with Midwife P
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Daily Mail and Midwife Pip

My courses ensure you are equipped with excellence throughout your journey. I am on a mission to ensure that all expectant and new mum’s feel like superwoman during pregnancy and when they give birth. 

Your Pregnancy Journey with Midwife Pip


Trimester 1 or Trimester 2 this course is for you.

Have all of the evidence based support, information and guidance you need from Midwife Pip 

Antenatal and Hypnobirthing Course


Ensure you have honest, expert support as you prepare physically and psychologically for a positive and empowered birthing experience regardless of any twists or turns that may crop up. 

Breastfeeding Courses


Understanding how to support the both of you to get off to a flying start with breastfeeding will allow for a much smoother feeding journey.

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Pip is warm, friendly and so enthusiastic! She ensures everyone feels comfortable and at ease during her classes, there are no silly questions! Equally aimed at mum and birth partner so felt really inclusive for everyone.



Your Antenatal Course

More Than Online Courses:
Pip's courses are designed with her years of experience as a practicing Midwifery Sister and provide you with the most up to date, quality evidence based information. You can be sure you are in the very best hands to optimise the wellbeing of  you, your baby and your experience. 

Live Calls and Messaging with Midwife Pip: 
Pip is here for you every step of the way within our own App to make sure you have all the support you need. No more rabbit warren internet searches, expert answers are there for you at the click of a button. Connect with women on the same journey as you through our supportive community group, and options to have live calls with Pip and your group too. The level of support that you and your baby deserve on your journey. 

Results Guaranteed:  
Pip's courses have already helped many, many women and babies to have informed, positive and empowered journeys. The ethos is simple- providing you with excellence so you fully understand your body, baby and the journey you are on with expert support 'holding your hand' along the way. 

Evidence Based: 
All the information provided to you comes from Pip, is based upon the best available evidence, is honest and benefits from Pips years of experience as a Midwifery Sister. 

On Demand Access:
Our app based courses means you can log in anytime, anywhere to complete modules or reach out for community support or to ask Pip a question. A fully supported, informed and empowered experience.
Pregnancy Courses and Education

Midwife Pip

A Top Charting Podcast in a number of countries around the world including the U.K.

Midwife Pip is on a mission to empower women with evidence-based information she speaks to special guests and leading experts to discuss all aspects of pregnancy, birth and the postpartum. Equipping you with the best advice and guidance for your journey and having a few giggles along the way.

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