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"Our Vision is to Empower and Inform Women with Expert Pregnancy Advice, Information and Support"

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Pip realised that women are not receiving the level of honest, evidence-based birth information they deserve through their pregnancy and from antenatal classes.

Pip has spent many years as a practicing midwife working with women who, despite attending antenatal classes, had not felt prepared for the potential twists and turns that may unfold during labour and birth.

The pregnancy support available for women from trimester 1 to trimester 3 from trimester 1 to trimester 3 should be the very best from navigating symptoms like morning sickness and back pain to what to eat in pregnancy and preparing for birth.

To exercise safely in pregnancy and embrace an active, healthy lifestyle is also a gap that pip is on a mission to bridge to support women to have a healthier, more empowering experience.

Very Best Pregnancy And Postpartum Advice


Our dedicated team combines experienced midwifery knowledge with the expertise of our exercise and nutrition scientist to ensure that you receive the very best antenatal education, pregnancy advice and postpartum support to empower you on your journey from conception, through pregnancy and into parenthood.



Supporting and empowering you through our antenatal classes, pregnancy exercise and nutrition programmes and postnatal support services. We believe that all women should have access to evidence-based information about their health and wellness and this ethos has led Pip to also creating the Pregnancy Wellness Podcast and Blog. This ensures that you receive the best health and pregnancy information in convenient and accessible ways to support a positive and healthy pregnancy experience.

Positive Pregnancy And Birth Experience

Powerful Benefits Of Exercise In Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an ideal time to optimise your health and strongly influence the health of your growing baby. Imagine signing up for a marathon, then sitting on the couch for 9 months- this would not be optimal preparation. Birth is your marathon and pregnancy provides a journey of opportunity to prepare and nourish your body. Working closely together and in partnership with mums and mums-to-be we support you to embrace exercise, adopt a healthy and balanced pregnancy diet and to feel prepared for giving birth and caring for your newborn baby. 


meet the

Midwife Pip an

Pip is a practicing midwife in the UK, currently working as a Delivery Suite Sister she has a wealth of experience supporting parents-to-be through all aspects of pregnancy, birth and the postpartum. Pip has trained and worked in some of the leading maternity units, has continued to study through a master's programme and is passionate about all aspects of women's health and wellness.

The decision to found her antenatal classes and postnatal support services arose from having met and cared for many parents who, despite attending antenatal classes, had not felt prepared for the potential twists and turns that may unfold during labour and birth. Pip is on a mission to bridge this gap by providing honest, evidence-based antenatal and postnatal education to ensure women feel empowered to birth free from fear and prepared to navigate their parenting journey.

Enthused by the momentous benefits of exercising in pregnancy and a healthy, nourishing pregnancy diet Pip is excited to bring you programmes that will facilitate an active pregnancy lifestyle and that support a woman's body through birth and in preparation for motherhood. 

Pip has an ethos that "a positive birth does not have to be un-medicated; it just needs to be from an informed place of positivity and free from fear".

This underpins her midwife-led antenatal classes and parenting preparation courses to give you the very best pregnancy advice. 

Pip - Founder & Midwife

Midwife Pip
Midwife Pip and Coach James_edited_edite

James is an Exercise and Nutrition Scientist with a specialist interest in pregnancy and postpartum health and fitness. He has a Sports Science degree and is a fully qualified pregnancy personal trainer. James believes that pregnancy is a powerful time to optimise your own health as well as your child and family's health for the future.

James has an extensive portfolio having worked within elite sports for many years from Premier League Football to Olympic and Commonwealth athletes and within leading independent schools. Being NSCA 'CSCS' accredited ensures that you can guarantee your pregnancy exercises and workouts designed by James will be both safe and effective.

James recognises that every woman and pregnancy is unique and so he adopts a bespoke approach to his pregnancy and postpartum exercise programmes to ensure you meet your individual goals. Non-judgement and professionalism underpin all of the pregnancy and postpartum advice given and are complemented by continual midwifery support.

Understanding that pregnancy and parenthood are precious times that can also encompass many challenges James's vision is to ensure that exercise and nutrition need not be one of those challenges for you. 

James ethos is that "If you signed up for a marathon, then sat on your sofa for 9 months this would not be optimal preparation. Birth is your marathon - and pregnancy is your journey of opportunity to prepare your mind and body for a positive experience."

James - Founder & Exercise Scientist



We work to make sure you feel fully prepared, informed and empowered through all of our courses to ensure you have a positive pregnancy journey 




Our services are based upon real evidence and experience so you can trust that you will receive the very best advice and support using online platforms for your convenience



Our professionalism and non-judgement ethos means that all of our pregnancy courses are built with integrity and with your individual needs in mind


We work collaboratively with each other, leading experts and with you. Your goals are our mission and that is why we have adopted an individualised and bespoke way of working

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Truly grateful for the Your pregnancy journey program and Pip for building/leading the community. Having a really positive friendly and supportive midwife and community in your pocket is invaluable. We felt supported knowing that any questions would get answered, and that many others had been going through the same experience - it was great having likeminded mums to be around particularly with various lockdowns/restrictions over the last year. I wish for all pregnant women to have the support like this to be educated in our bodies, birth and into parenthood


Stephanie Price

Your Pregnancy Journey 


Pip, thank you for spending the time to take us through your course; we learnt so much and feel much better prepared and informed especially concerning our approach to labour and birth. We feel empowered and positive about bringing our little one into the world in a safely after you took us through all the possible scenarios to expect in a gentle way. We would thoroughly recommend all expectant parents to head your way!


Jag Morrish 

Your Antenatal Course


The course was absolutely ideal, with heaps of useful information and reassurance, supported by a very thorough PDF for future reference. Midwife Pip welcomed questions and feedback throughout, and delivered the course in a very relaxed and friendly way. The one thing that really came through was the way Pip explained how everyone should approach the birth in a positive and empowered way, explaining all the choices we could make and assuring everyone that whatever choices we made, the birth would be calm and joyful.


Gill Walley 

Your Antenatal Course


Pip’s antenatal course was fantastic. She is very friendly and makes potentially awkward conversations easy to talk about. Pip gave loads of useful examples and real life context to her facts and information. Amazing resources included and the PDF doc was invaluable. Lots of involvement with birth partners too and made them feel involved and important. Amazing course, amazing midwife and would highly recommend!! Thank you so much xxx


anna o'nell

Your Antenatal Course


Having Pip by my side throughout my pregnancy and postpartum - even though virtually - was invaluable. I am so glad I took the plunge to join the course, all of the information given was clear and easy to grasp, and gave me the confidence to ultimately have my very positive birth and early days as a mummy to my baby boy. An important investment into undoubtably the most amazing journey you’ll ever take. Thank you Pip x


Beth Hodge

Your Pregnancy Journey 


I took one of Pips courses and it was the first time I felt confident and well informed about all aspects of the birthing process, before this I was so anxious. Midwife Pips support is brilliant, being part of the midwife Pip pregnancy journey and having access to Pip before and after the course has been so invaluable. Thank you!


Clare Greenhalgh

Your Pregnancy Journey 

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