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Want The Very Best Pregnancy and Postpartum Support?

Midwife Pip will personally work with you from a Positive Pregnancy Test right through to Birth and the Postpartum.

Just some of the companies we have worked with

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Midwife Pip Breastfeeding
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The Baby and Toddler Show with Midwife P
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Daily Mail and Midwife Pip

Free Pregnancy Workshop

Free Pregnancy Fitness

Your Pregnancy Journey with Midwife Pip

In Trimester 1 or 2?

  • Want to have all your pregnancy questions answered? 

  • Want to feel supported every step of the way?

  • Want to have the healthiest, most informed pregnancy?  

Antenatal and Hypnobirthing Course

In Trimester 3?

  • Want to feel prepared for birth?

  • Want to ensure you have honest, expert support?

  • Want to have an empowered birthing experience regardless of any twists or turns that may crop up?

Breastfeeding Course

Thinking About Breastfeeding?

  • Want to understand how to  get off to a flying start?

  • Want to understand how to Breastfeed successfully?

  • Want to prevent common breastfeeding problems?

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Want to Exercise in Pregnancy?

  • Want to embrace the incredible benefits of exercising in pregnancy?

  • Want to have the healthiest journey for you and your baby.

  • Want to follow a pregnancy programme, specific to you?

Want to Rehabilitate Post Birth?

  • Want to repair, recover and rebuild your body?

  • Want to ensure you can safely return back to exercise without injury?

  • Want to prevent long term women's health issues?

Postantal Exercise

Want to Exercise Postpartum?

  • Want to build your strength and fitness?

  • Want to feel amazing within your body?

  • Want to be expertly guided and supported along the way?

The Very Best Honest, Evidence Based Expert Advice with Midwife Pip

Midwife Pip

Midwife Pip 

Midwife Pip is a practicing Midwife Sister, Podcaster, Researcher and Mum. Currently working as a Delivery Suite Sister, she has a wealth of experience supporting thousands of women and parents to be through all aspects of pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

Pip has worked and trained at some of the leading maternity units, has continued to study through a masters programme and is passionate about all things women's health and wellness. 

Pip is on a mission to bridge this gap by providing honest, evidence based antenatal and postnatal education to ensure women feel empowered to birth free from fear and prepared to navigate their parenting journey.

Want to be supported in all areas of Pregnancy and the Postpartum, from Birth to Fitness?

Midwife Pip Pregnancy Courses

If so you are in the right place. I have helped support thousands of women on their journeys over the past decade and now want to support you too.

Midwife Pip Blog

We cover a range of topics and answer

your most asked questions. Our blog is a great resource for you to learn about everything pregnancy, postpartum, fitness and women's health. 

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