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Updated: Apr 5, 2022

In life I have always been drawn to more natural ways of doing things. Having a nursing background but working as a carer in a hospital I saw it as a place for sickness. Granted I am not opposed to birthing in hospital (and know of many empowering and positive stories which happened sister had a great experience. She used hypnobirthing and stayed at home as long as she could before goings in. Was also her first birth) but for me I have always known there was no other place to birth than in the comfort of my own home. Being a low risk pregnancy I had the opportunity to birth at home and am grateful for that.

Planning on a home birth with no medicated pain relief meant I needed to prepare for birth in other ways. So with my community midwife (who I am forever grateful for) I had discussed and researched methods needed for this. In the weeks leading up to my birth on a practical level I was carrying out perineum massages when I could, drinking raspberry leaf teas at the recommended time frame and eating my 6 dates a day in my homemade protein balls in order to ripen my cervix for labour. I had practiced exercises which allowed me to help get baby in the optimal fetal position for birth. The birth pool was ordered and a practice run in setting it up with my husband was carried out to ensure a stress free set up for "D-day".

I was due the 19th of November. 4 days before I lost some of my mucous plug, the same happened 3 days before so I was hoping it may be a sign. Then two days before my due date we had gone about our normal day. We chilled and listened to romantic music with cuddles. I felt I needed to go to the loo so went and had dull lower back pain...I thought this might be it. I had so lost more mucous plug here. I kept an eye the pain which had not subsided an hour later. So we decided to prepare for the birth in the hopes I was in labour. So on hindsight, I was right the labour hadh started at 9.30pm that night. (Our midwife was informed at 10.30 that evening that we may be in labour as a heads up!)

We made labour aide -a homemade electrolyte drink suggested by our midwife (and practiced making many times before). My husband had started pumping up the pool and we moved furniture around and set up fairy lights, my Himalayan salt lc canamp, candles and the diffuser with calming essential oils (Clary sage and lavender) in our sitting room. After some hours of resting as much as possible, hydrating, pacing and breathing through early contractions they had started to intensify. So at 4.30 am I decided I needed some pain relief so I put the TENS machine on to allow me some sleep. I went up to bed with my husband and got a little over 3 hrs sleep.

Waking up just before 8am I had noticed the pains getting evermore intense but still manageable and more impor