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Updated: Apr 5, 2022

I want to share my c section birth story as for me it was one of the most clinical yet magical experiences of my life.... here goes

I had a pretty tough pregnancy suffering with Hyperemesis Gravidarum (I felt so so awful throughout my pregnancy), asthma, tachycardia, blood clot scare... and plenty of hospital admissions for various other reasons. With all these symptoms going on I felt that a planned c-section was the best option for me and my baby. Many of the midwives advised against this, but it honestly felt like the right decision as I felt SO unwell. I'm glad I trusted my gut.

The c-section day came and it was so relaxed in the hospital. The midwife looking after me was incredible and made me feel so reassured and comforted as I was quite nervous about the spinal block. They led me to the surgery room and there was already a big team getting ready. The atmosphere was great... exactly how I wanted it... full of banter and positivity. This was my personal preference as having a calm and quiet room would have made me more nervous. The surgery went so smoothly with Woody being born within 5-10 minutes of the obstetrician starting the incision. Hearing his little cry immediately filled me with a million emotions... mainly complete and utter joy. My boyfriend got to trim the cord (as its already cut at this point) and took so many beautiful photos. The great energy in the room lasted right up until I was wheeled onto the post surgery ward where I had the most peaceful moments with my newborn baby boy and my boyfriend. In all honesty, for us, it felt like a spa day compared to my pregnancy and I treasure the memory of that day.

I know many women fear having a c section and so I want share my experience to show that they can also be magical too and that if they choose this option or end up having an emergency c section then you can feel just as empowered, grateful and happy. No matter what way your baby is born, be proud of your body and what you have achieved.

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