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Updated: Apr 16, 2022

Firstly wanted to start my birth story by explaining that I have quite bad anxiety predominantly focused around health so the thought of childbirth terrified me sometimes when I let my head get the better of me.
At 38+5 I was diagnosed with preeclampsia at an emergency obstetric unit at the hospital I was due to birth at. I was advised that I be induced a few days later as I was nearly full term and there was no point waiting any longer. I was extremely excited but nervous as in my head I thought I had possibly another couple of weeks before baby would have appeared and preeclampsia also scared me although I tried not to read too much into it. I was prescribed a medication to help try and lower my blood pressure.
Three days after 39+1 my emergency appointment I was brought up to start the induction process, you hear so many mixed things on induction however I would say I had a pleasant experience.
The induction process for me started with a pessary being inserted and I was monitored at intervals checking mine and babies obs, shortly after the pessary was inserted I had a stretch and sweep (not going to lie this was very very uncomfortable, possibly one of the worst parts for me) although it was over in a short time. The first day progression was pretty slow and I only started getting some cramps and mild contractions around the early hours of the following morning, I managed my pain with breathing until it got more intense and I was then administered some Co-codamol and again as it progressed I was given a morphine injection. If I’m honest neither of these done much for the pain although they made me slightly drowsy to allow me to get some rest.
The next stages of my labour were increased contractions that were coming thick and fast and the pressure felt in my rear was nothing like I had ever experienced however it was manageable. I was still on the induction ward and continued with co-codamol for pain relief and one further morphine injection. Throughout the day mine and babies obs continued to be checked. First proper examination of that day I was 2cm, then 3 then around 7.30pm that evening I was 5cm (at this stage I was using some gas and air) and needed to be moved to the labour ward as I was now in active labour.