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Belle Burke’s Birth Story: Home Birth

From the moment I found out I was pregnant, I knew I wanted to try to have a home birth. Both my sisters have had their babies at home, and I was very lucky to have very positive stories and mindsets with labour.

Nine days overdue, my waters started to break on the dog walk in the morning, which I thought was entertaining! Took me a moment to work out if I was wetting myself or if it was my waters. I went home and called Graeme, who came home from work. I was having no contractions at this point, and so I made a cake to keep me busy! After a couple of phone calls, we had to go to the hospital to make sure all was well after the water broke. We got home, and boom, it’s like my body knew we were home, and it all started happening at 5pm.

When Graeme started filling the pool, I was just pacing around, trying to get comfortable. We rang the midwife as contractions were coming every two minutes! By 7pm, the pool was ready and, as I stepped in, it instantly took away the pain of the contractions, for a little while anyway. Sarah (my sister) and Mum arrived as planned. Our midwife arrived around 8pm (who I have never met). I was just in the pool doing my thing; she was amazing; she was doing my checks every 15–20 minutes, but, other than that, she was happy letting me just ride my contraction myself. She gave me one physical examination to see how I was progressing; I was only 4cm. I felt like I was a lot further along. But no, ha ha!

Around 10pm, lots of whispering went on behind me, and they came to explain that the second midwife, whom you are meant to have with you at home, was not coming. So they told me they were going to have to transfer me to the hospital as they needed two of them with me. They called for an ambulance, as by this point I was too far along to get in the car. And I wasn’t getting out of the pool. Apparently it was quite stressful, but I was oblivious to what was going on as I was in my own little world in the pool. I was totally in the zone for basically the whole evening – I had my eyes closed, hypnobirthing techniques and remembering to focus of my breath with my contractions.

I had been sick a couple of times. Only thing I could eat was orange ice lollies , and brushed my teeth, which my mum still thinks was the strangest thing I did.

Around 11ish, she let me have gas and air. I felt instantly better! At this point, it felt long, but things were going well. I spent the whole time on my knees with my arms resting on the outside of the pool, which felt like the most comfortable position for me. Graeme didn’t leave my side the whole evening; he just held my hand. One great thing about having other family members there was that they did the little jobs that needed doing, and he could be with me.

At midnight, the ambulance arrived. I was fully dilated at this point, so I wasn’t going anywhere. Cake was offered and drinks, and they said they would stay to help rather than have to take me in! I wasn’t up for having a baby in the back of the van!

After what felt like the longest 45 minutes ever, I just kept saying, ‘Surely his head is out now.’ My body just took over. It never felt like I had to push; it’s like my body just knew what to do. After one big contraction, there he was. I brought him up out of the pool myself; he was so calm, just magical!

We did have an audience! One midwife, three paramedics, Graeme, Sarah and Mum! But I wouldn’t have had it any other way!

Feeling so blessed with our bundle. I had to get out of the pool to deliver the placenta (which I think Graeme is still laughing about) – so glad he gave the midwife my lovely Joseph Joseph bowl to use; I can’t bring myself to bake a cake in it!

Paramedics left us to it, as we didn’t need them; they have to stay until the placenta arrives. The midwife checked me over and was happy, but I only came away with a little graze. While they cleared up, which wasn’t much, just emptying the pool, I was sitting on the sofa, getting to grips with feeding and gazing at our beautiful little boy!

By 4am, they left me, Graeme and Jude to start our life as a family of three. The best thing about having a baby at home is your own bed and home comforts.

The next morning we had another midwife come to the house to do all Jude’s checks and give me some more feeding support.

I am so grateful that it all went according to plan and we were able to get the birth we wanted. All of the podcasts, books, family and amazing people on Instagram I followed helped make this such a positive experience. 

If you are committed to achieving a Positive Birth make sure you check our Your Pregnancy Journey HERE


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