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Antenatal Classes, Pregnancy Exercise and Nutrition Packages and Postnatal Support Services

We understand that each woman, labour, birth and baby is unique and that you are on the most special and life changing journey.

Our range of online pregnancy and postpartum support services are all tailored to your individual needs and goals. Through our bespoke approach we can ensure that you have the best evidence-based antenatal information and midwifery support. We are enthused by providing excellence and empowering women to understand their body, their baby and their health potential.

"Imagine signing up for a marathon, then sitting on your sofa for 9 months- this would not be optimal preparation. Birth is your marathon and pregnancy is your journey of opportunity to prepare your mind and body."

Check out our full range of services available and how Midwife Pip can support you on each step of your journey to ensure your pregnancy, birth and postnatal journeys and informed and full of positivity.

"A positive birth does not need to be un-medicated' it just needs to be from an informed place of positivity and free from fear"