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Updated: Apr 5, 2022

Like so many people, I'd imagined a spontaneous labour and relaxing water birth. I hadn't done a course, but I'd read a good book about hypnobirthing and attended some online classes. My husband and I had listened to relaxation tapes and prepared by getting some oils, battery operated candles and put the fairy lights at the top of our birthing bag!

After another spell of reduced fetal movements at 39 weeks, it had been reccomended that I have an induction. This made me really anxious and I felt like all my hopes for the birth had gone out the window. However, after expressing my concerns to the doctor, we agreed I'd have a stretch and sweep and then wait a couple of days before the induction to increase the chances of a spontaneous labour. Sadly that didn't happen, but by the time Thursday came along and I was going to hospital, I wasn't anxious anymore and just very excited to know I'd have a baby by the end of the week! Instead, we'd just adjusted our plans and expectations. Staying in control where I could was really helpful.

We set up the hospital room with our fairy lights and I kept them on all the time. This made me feel much more relaxed during examinations and discussions with midwives. On Thursday evening I had a propess inserted, and then 24 hours later the gel as it hasn't done much. A further 12 hours, and I was sitting at 1cm with nothing more than mild but constant period type pains. While I was getting anxious about what was to come, my husband and I kept ourselves busy and the oxytocin flowing with plenty of cute walks around the hospital, funny TV shows and festive hot chocolates from the Costa downstairs!