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Updated: Apr 5, 2022

Baby girl

Born 27th October

9 pound 1

Birth preferences

At home as long as possible

TENS and bath

Water birth at Birth Suite

Actual birth

Not home very long

TENS machine

Forceps delivery

Baby girl was born at exactly 42 weeks.

I was booked in for an induction at 41 + 6, fully supported by my midwife. She had suggested an induction at 41 + 5 but I wanted to give our baby girl extra time to come on her own. I was thankful that my midwife was happy to support this.

Unfortunately, on my induction day, Stoke Hospital was very busy so they didn't induce me and I was told to come back the next day. The midwife was so supportive and I was happy to do this.

On return home though, I started contracting ! They came on quickly ... lasted between 45 seconds to 1 minute and a half and came every 30 seconds to a minute! I definitely felt she was ready to make an entrance.

We checked in with Stoke and they advised paracetamol and a bath. Because contractions were coming very quickly we phoned back and were asked to come in.

On arrival I was shown to the birthing room and was checked over. 5cm. Having thought I wanted a water birth , it ended up being the last thing I wanted !

So, the lovely midwife took me to labour ward and I had an epidural. The midwife and student doctor stayed with me for the duration of their shift and were very reassuring throughout. I had the hormone drip to help speed things along.

There was then a shift change and 2 new midwives started caring for me. As with the first, the 2 new midwives were just fantastic. I started pushing at 10cm but unfortunately baby's head was at the wrong angle.

I went to theatre after full conversations with the consultants. I used EBRAN to help me feel in control , ask the questions I needed to ask and understand why things were happening as they did. Transition to theatre and my experience in theatre was amazing. Everyone was incredible ! They introduced themselves, checked on me constantly and I felt so looked after.

They managed to turn baby's head manually and only needed to use Forceps with one attempt to help baby girl out.

I lost 1.6 litres of blood as my placenta had only half shed but the theatre team were superbly responsive to this and therefore I didn't even notice what was going on ! Just enjoyed lots of cuddles with baby girl.

My recovery in hospital ( 2 day stay ) was smooth and I felt very cared for throughout. My girl was healthy, came safey and I was so grateful.

My experience at Stoke was 10/10. Yes , they were extremely busy and the midwives were working back to back with many ladies giving birth that day. But I never felt that I was a burden or that they didn't have time for me.

During the birth the team at Stoke were by my side and on my side. Once baby girl had arrived the aftercare was superb. A massive shout out the the breastfeeding consultants on the post natal ward who answered many of my questions and supported me with my breastfeeding journey. And, to the ladies who wake you up to check your blood pressure and heath through the night.

Throughout , I felt informed and listened to, in control and well looked after. Although not the birth I had imagined, it was still an amazing birth, a birth that I will treasure forever and a birth that I feel very proud of.

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