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Updated: Apr 5, 2022

After a really smooth pregnancy with just the usual nausea and fatigue at the start I was so ready for my little one to arrive.

3 days before my due date and I was feeling absolutely nothing, adamant I was going to go overdue and be induced. I’d gone to sleep for an hour that night when I woke up in a pool of water, I woke my parter and phoned the hospital maternity unit and they advised that we come in.

On the short journey in I started to feel contractions and felt like they were coming quickly and intensely for early labour. When we arrived and I was examined to see if my waters had actually broke, what felt like a pool still came out but from the colour of it I could tell instantly the midwives were concerned.

A doctor then came for further examination and when he checked there was another pool but of red. I remember him saying “we need to go”, an alarm being pressed and so many people rushing into the room. This was obviously very scary, but even though at that point I had no idea what was going on, I knew I had to trust these people and had to be a different kind of brave - not for labour but for unknown surgery.

My gorgeous baby boy delivered by emergency c-section exactly 2 hours from waking up in waters. I had to be put under full general anaesthetic but do not feel deprived of witnessing his birth as the risk was clearly out-weighted.