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Exercises for a Fitter Pregnancy

Exercises towards a fitter pregnancy...

Yes, you read that right…. Time to get up and start exercising towards a fitter, healthier and more comfortable pregnancy.

During pregnancy, exercise works wonders for both you and your baby.

Your ankles are swollen, your back aches and you can’t sleep… Don’t forget about the bloating and constipation!

What if I told you there was a way to help minimise these symptoms… Turns out there is, and exercise is one of the most effective cures for the aches and pains that are expecting to set in.

Exercising whilst pregnant offers lots of benefits for you and your baby…

  • You will get a big boost in your mood- thank you endorphins!

  • A decrease in many unwanted pregnancy symptoms

  • Quicker and easier postpartum recovery

You may be reading this and panicking that you haven’t done any exercise prior to or during your pregnancy yet … But don’t worry you can start, it is not too late and you will experience the many benefits from getting active during pregnancy. Pregnancy Exercise is also safe, with some modifications and the all ok from your midwife/doctor, you will be feeling the benefits in no time.

Below are some great core fundamentals that you should be doing everyday to help elevate some of the aches, pains and symptoms that come with pregnancy.

Core Exercises in Pregnancy

Pillar Strengthening and Posture Correction Exercises:

Quadruped Cow/Cat Position:

This can be a fantastic exercise to release tension and full body stiffness... are your shoulders and neck aching, does your lower back and hips hurt, then this stretch can be fantastic for pregnancy and really help get all your muscles and joints moving if paired with the strengthening and pregnancy corrective exercises that follow this.

COMPLETE: 3 X 10 Each Way

Cat/Cow for Pregnancy

Pelvic Tilts (Standing):

Pelvic Tilts are a great in pregnancy and only require a small subtle spinal movement, that can help to strengthen the supporting muscles around the back, your abdominals which can help alleviate lower back pain and correct imbalances that are brought with pregnancy.

Whilst pelvic tilts can be done in a number of positions, we very much like all our women standing doing them to help with positioning of the baby and to best activate the full musculoskeletal system which in turn will help your pregnant body.

COMPLETE: 3 X 12 - Hold each tilt for 3 seconds

Pelvic Tilt Exercise for Pregnancy

Mermaid Planks for Pregnancy:

Designed to target hip and lateral core function. This can be great go to exercise during pregnancy and postpartum to help create good stability through your hips and core... Don't forget our glutes are one of our biggest muscles and need to be functioning correctly during pregnancy.

COMPLETE: 3 X 30s Each Side

Plank variations for pregnancy

Couch Stretch for Pregnancy:

A great stretch that targets your hips and quad muscles. These are muscles that tend to get extremely tight during pregnancy due to the weight of your baby pulling your hips forward and into anterior tilt. Those of you experience lower back and hip pain, definitely focus on this exercise along with some strengthening to help you during your pregnancy. As the name suggests this exercise can also be done on a chair/sofa, you may find these variations more comfortable later on in pregnancy.

COMPLETE: 3 X 90s Each Side

Stretches for pregnancy with Midwife Pip

Pelvic Floor Exercises in Pregnancy

Pelvic Floor exercises during pregnancy are extremely important as they come under a huge amount of strain during childbirth and the pregnancy journey. The pelvic floor consists of layers of muscle s that stretch like a supportive hammock from the pubic bone (at the front) to the backbone (spine).

If your pelvic floor muscles are weak, you may find that you leak urine when you are exercising, sneezing, cough or strain. This can be quite common and you should feel embarrassed. It is known as stress incontinence and can also continue after pregnancy.. however the good news is..


Like all muscles your pelvic floor has the ability to become stronger by doing pelvic floor exercises. This will help to reduce or a avoid stress incontinence after pregnancy.

I highly recommend even if you don’t have stress incontinence that you start your pelvic floor training straight away to help reduce the likelihood of it happening.

Follow the below protocol x 3 time daily to help support your pelvic floor muscles during pregnancy… for more info on how to do them properly check out this blog!

Pelvic Floor Exercises - Daily Routine

Endurance Squeezes

10s Squeeze Holds – Followed by 10s Relax – Repeat 10 times

Fast Twitch Squeezes:

3s Squeeze Holds – Followed by 3s Relax – Repeat 10 times

I very much hope you enjoy reading this blog and for it to benefit many more pregnant women I would appreciate if you could share it... If there is anything we can do to help you on your pregnancy journey then please check out any of our services, all of which are designed to help you through this very special journey.


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