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Exercises for Pregnancy - What you need to Know!

As you probably already know, here at Midwife Pip HQ we are big advocates of Exercise in Pregnancy… Yes no more sitting on the sofa for 9 months preparing for birth.

In this blog I will be covering:

Benefits of Exercise in Pregnancy

Pregnancy Exercise Ideas

Pregnancy Exercise to Avoid

Should I be exercising in Pregnancy?

All of you reading this should be exercising in pregnancy, unless you have a specific medical advice telling you not to do any. Some of the conditions listed at the end of this article are worth speaking to your GP/Midwife about.

Exercise in Pregnancy can be great for you in many ways, from a shorter labour time to fewer complications… definitely a reason to start exercising in pregnancy… yes even for those of you who haven’t even started yet..

Benefits of Exercising in Pregnancy

Here are just some of the amazing reasons why you should be exercising in pregnancy: