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Understanding Different Types of Birth

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

There is arguably nothing more exciting than the birth of a newborn baby and this has long been the case throughout human history. However, medicine has advanced, and childbirth options have developed to make it safer for mothers and babies.

We know that even the most planned birth may have some twists and turns so it is useful to empower yourself with an understanding of all types of birth.

Remember- you cannot fail at labour or birth. Birth is beautiful and is equally as momentous whichever form it may take. Women should be able to give birth in an informed and safe way free from fear or mystery.

Midwife Pip

Natural Birth / Vaginal Birth (unassisted):

Often referred to as ‘normal’ or ‘natural’ birth.

It is generally recommended to plan for an unassisted vaginal birth unless there is a medical reason why this would not be the safest option.

Your baby moves and navigates through your pelvis to reach your pelvic floor, he/she then passes under your pubic arch and through your vaginal canal to be born.

There are benefits to this type of birth including; shorter hospital stays, quicker recovery, lower risk of infection for mothers and lower risk of respiratory problems for babies.