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Updated: Apr 5, 2022

At 37 weeks bump was measuring small so my midwife sent me for a scan, turns out " he" was breech Doctor scheduled me to have a section the next week (38 weeks) I mentally prepared myself and got everything organised for the C-section. Went into hospital at 6am got prepared for theatre and my finance was just about to get changed into his scrubs when they done a scan to check our baby boys position, turns out he had turned and they wouldn't go ahead with the surgery. I was in bits thinking we was going to meet our baby boy that day I begged the doctors to go-ahead but they wouldn't and sent us home at 10:30am.

40+4 weeks I had a sweep then 2 days later my waters broken, went into hospital early hours of the morning and I was only 1-2cm dialated, they sent me onto the delivery suite and started to induce me. After many checks throughout the day/ night my cervix was still not in the right position and after 14 hours of been on the induction drip with regular contractions I was still only 1-2 cm. In the end I had to have an emergency C-section, finally we got to meet our baby! A little shocked though as it turned out our baby boy (we had had 5 scans) turned out to be a baby girl

We were both in shock and just laughed our heads off. The midwife's and the surgeons were amazing and made me feel so at easy and comfortable.

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