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Running in Pregnancy

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Those of you tuning into this blog… most definitely love running!

The thought of not being able to run whilst pregnant has made you think how you are going to stay fit… how are you going to clear your head and go to that happy place… what can I do if I can’t run whilst pregnant…

Whilst there’s a lot of small talk and beliefs going around that high impact and more intense exercise shouldn’t be performed whilst pregnant, the research and guidelines concur otherwise… in short running is safe in uncomplicated pregnancies.

Don’t believe me… a recent study performed in conjunction with Park Run on 1293 pregnant women found no difference in birth weight or gestational age at delivery between those who continued to run ‘vs’ those who stopped.

Running During Pregnancy

Now you know running is ok during pregnancy… I suppose we better find out whether you should actually run in pregnancy or not!

1. Has your Doctor/Midwife cleared you to exercise?

2. Do you have Pelvic Floor issues?

3. Are you a regular runner?<