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Ethical and sustainable baby products.

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

Let’s talk maternity and baby products!

There is SO much it feels like an absolute mind field. One of the things I found most confusing was the vast array of options and trying to navigate between essentials and those that look great but will likely go unused or become a hinderance.

Maternity and motherhood are expensive times there is no doubt about it and can also be very environmentally unfriendly. Knowing I wanted to have a more sustainable approach to my pregnancy and parenthood journeys here are a few things I have learned and my 3 top tips I would love to share with you.

1. Create a list! A list was a must for me, and I was lucky enough to seek the help of a friend who is very experienced at baby buying have 6 gorgeous children herself! Doing this has allowed me to consider the larger essential items and research what ones will suit my lifestyle best. I also have a structured idea of what we need and would like for our little one and so won’t fall into the slippery trap of having 1000 newborn baby grows that he grows out of by week 1. I really don’t like the idea of clothing being almost ‘disposable’ so keeping the newborn wardrobe smaller and concise is the route I am taking. Though I know there are SO many cute and tempting outfits out there! You can also consider more sustainable clothing such as @welovefrugi which do the softest GOTS certified organic cotton clothing making it perfect for delicate baby skin and with super cute and fun designs. I have been gifted some gorgeous outfits which I cannot wait to dress our little boy in, the quality really is outstanding!

2. When thinking about maternity clothing it is a good idea to consider items that can also be used when nursing if you choose to breastfeed and / or clothing that you can wear outside of pregnancy too! Soft, loose or stretchy fabrics are great for this and nursing straps or lift up tops are a must. I love this bright, fun jumper gifted to me by @frugibloom made from 100% GOTS certified Organic Cotton Knit which has become a wardrobe staple that will take me through all seasons of pregnancy and be a great piece for my nursing journey too thanks to the easy access wrap back!

3. Think about reusable items for your little one. This is an area I have researched pretty much since peeing on a stick and getting that positive result. Wipes, breast pads, maternity pads and nappies are the most obvious and easy items that can be easily switched to reusable from disposable saving both your wallet and helping our wonderful planet! There are lots of options when it comes to reusable nappies and I decided that an all-in-one nappy would suit our lifestyles best as they literally go on like a disposable and so are super easy to use! @totsbots handily has a kit to get you off to a flying start and I am super grateful for this gift that I know is going to make my sustainable parenting journey so much simpler and more enjoyable too! The ‘EasyFit All-In-One Nappy Complete Kitincludes 15 gorgeous All-In-One nappies, as well as aWet Bag, Laundry Bag, Nappy Bucket, Potion Nappy Wash, Roll of Disposable Liners, 10 Reusable Fleece Liners you really are good to go! As well as saving you 20% when compared to buying the items separately and of course a huge saving on the ongoing costs of not purchasing weekly disposable nappies! Win, win, win!

The items I have pictured here and am absolutely loving on my journey so far are all available on and I hope this post helps and happy sustainable shopping!


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