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Cloth / Reusable Nappies Q&A

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

After receiving so many questions about my use of cloth nappies with baby Finley I wanted to share my experience to help you consider or navigate your own cloth nappy journey. I am not a cloth nappy expert but am sharing what I have learned along the way in the hope to support you on your cloth nappy journey too!

So here I am answering the top 10 questions that you asked…

1. Why did you decide to use cloth nappies?

There were a few reasons why I decided cloth nappies (and washable wipes!) would be part of our parenting journey.

It is slightly (very) terrifying that 8 million disposable nappies are thrown away every single day and these will take up to 500 years to degrade. 12 million tonnes of plastic waste is entering our oceans each year and I want to support a future where our sea’s can be enjoyed, swam in and our sea life can thrive. Swapping to cloth can save over 4,000 nappies ending up in landfill per child. Even just swapping to use 1 reusable nappy a day will save 365 nappies every year from ending up in landfill. That’s 365 every year that your baby is in nappies- from 1 small, simple swap.

Then there is also the financial saving, lets be real – having a baby is an expensive business so the ability to save some hard earnt money is always welcome. Also, as Finley is our first baby and we hope to be fortunate enough to have another in the future we will be able to use our nappies again literally doubling up on the financial saving!

And lastly, have you seen how cute cloth bums look? Say no more.