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Being a Midwife during Covid-19 : As featured by NHS England

Updated: Jan 3

How do you find being a Midwife?

I truly believe that I have the most wonderful job- every day I am able to witness birth, each is unique and incredible in its own way. But more than that each day I support women in all their strength and courage as they become mothers; some for the first time, others for the tenth but that moment is one that never tires in its beauty. 

Have you worked through Covid, if so how have you found it?

I have continued being a midwife during covid-19 pandemic. In many ways I feel blessed, from a practical perspective many people are losing jobs and diving into financial hardship whilst I know I have a secure job and will do at the end of all this. Being a midwife has also provided me a huge sense of normality as I have been able to show up and do what I feel I was made to do each day (and night) whilst the world around us seemed to grow dark and unknown. Each baby that was safely welcomed into the world gave everyone something to smile about, a sense of hope, a perspective of love and a pleasant contrast to everything else that was unfolding. 

That is not to say that being on the front line during this time has been easy. I will never forget the couple I was caring for when lockdown was announced on the news. They were in the midst of labour and about to meet their first child, but the introduction to parenthood they had visioned with friends, family, support and ventures out had just been shattered. Since then this has been a theme for all new and expectant parents and my heart truly does break for the twist that so many women and partners have had on their journeys. Meanwhile anxiety amongst staff was understandably increasing, PPE was of concern and whilst elective surgery was being cancelled to manage the potential pressures elsewhere, we knew that was not an option for us in the maternity services. 

Has working as a Midwife during Covid been challenging as a Midwife?

So, yes without any doubt it has been a challenge, but a challenge I was proud to rise to. I feel that as a profession we have been able to continue to provide women with safe and compassionate care despite the whirlwind going on behind the scenes. The clap for carers gave me goose bumps and brought a tear to my eye every single week and it never failed to give everyone a boost because we knew that we were not in this battle with Covid-19 alone, we had a whole army of support behind us.

Midwife Pip Carrying a Baby

I am proud to be a midwife. I am proud to be on our NHS front line. And I am proud of all the mums to be, the parents, the grandparents and every single member of the public who has helped to save lives during this global pandemic. 

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Thanks for reading.

Midwife Pip


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