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Why You Should Be Exercising In Pregnancy

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The myths that we come across and the negativity towards exercise whilst pregnant tend to come from those with very, very limited knowledge…and maybe from those with guilt for not exercising in their own pregnancy.

Strength Training in pregnancy can be looked at extremely positively, with exercises being able to be modified and be made suitable for any trimester of pregnancy. It can help prepare your body for the physical demands of labour and the forever changing shape of our bodies as it prepares for birth. Strength training in pregnancy can also give you a sense of strength and power in your body at a time when you feel out of control with how your body is changing. The research seems to agree…SHOCK! and there are many benefits from better birth outcomes and healthier birth weights.

What about if I haven’t lifted weights before or done any strength training?

Good news if you have never done any strength training, it is ok for you to start strength training during pregnancy as long as your Midwife or GP give you the ok! It is actually encouraged to start as it can give you so many benefits.

Where will you be training whilst pregnant?

If you are already exercising, then you may find yourself using the gym or doing home workout sessions. If you are wanting some specificity targeted to your trimester, check out Your Pregnancy Fitness.

New to exercise… then at home training maybe a good place to start as you could join our very own Your Pregnancy Fitness Programme and have everything you need to start training during pregnancy.

We encourage you to pick an option that feels better for you and your life… be it a mixture of gym and at home or one or the other. From our experience mum’s who workout at home, tend to work out longer through pregnancy with some basic equipment at home (mini bands, dumbbells, resistance bands)…

The best exercises to do in pregnancy?

There are hundreds of exercises that you can be doing whilst pregnant… with endless options and varieties of exercise strength training will allow you to do a range of exercises that can be made more complex or regressed that are hugely beneficial to you during pregnancy. Having a qualified practitioner who’s an expert in this field to help coach and support you can prove very handy… for those going out there free solo:

  • Your abdominals and pelvic floor feel protected. Make sure you understand how to control and brace your pelvic floor… you shouldn’t feel any downwards/outwards pressure. Ensure you are able to breathe correctly through movement to protect your pelvic floor.

  • You aren’t pushing each rep to failure.

  • Pick something that feels good to you and your body and doesn’t cause any pain.

There are some other key areas to be aware of and we highly recommend you work with qualified prenatal fitness coach to design a programme for you… or jump onto our very own Your Pregnancy Fitness Programme.

What Exercises can i do whilst pregnant?

Upper Body Pregnancy Exercises

Bent Over Row

Supine Pulls

Cable Pull Downs

Dumbbell Overhead Press

Lower Body Pregnancy Exercises





Core Pregnancy Exercises

Farmers Walk

Side Plank


Pallof Press

There are many other exercises that can be implemented into your training, hopefully the snapshot above hives you an understanding that you don’t and shouldn’t be sitting on the sofa or just solely running.

Do I need to look out for any warning signs?

Your body is very good at telling you what is good and what is bad. If something feels not right, then take it easy and alter that exercise. May women trying to do pull ups or planks have issues and abdominal pain, therefore we actually suggest doing a single arm standing cable row or side planks instead to elevate the stress.

It is important to challenge yourself as you won’t make any changes if you don’t… but I suggest you work towards an intensity of 7/8 out of 10. The perception of being sore after every workout isn’t a good way to measure session success, a well-planned thought-out session may not create any soreness and/or it may create some soreness for a few days. If you are always getting sourness, then we highly suggest you alter your training.

Training should be good fun and be enjoyable as it is a good way to connect with your own body and reap the benefits of all the positive hormones it releases.

Parenting is tough and most of all physical, therefore keeping strong throughout pregnancy will prove invaluable in that postpartum period

with love from Midwife Pip

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The Author: Coach James

Midwife Pip

James is an Exercise and Nutrition Scientist with a specialist interest in pregnancy and postpartum health and fitness. He has a Sports Science degree and is a fully qualified Pregnancy Personal Trainer. James believes that pregnancy is a powerful time to optimise your own health as well as your child and family's health for the future.

James has an extensive portfolio having worked within elite sports for many years from Premier League Football to Olympic and Commonwealth athletes and within leading independent schools. Being NSCA 'CSCS' accredited ensures that you can guarantee your pregnancy exercises and workouts designed by James will be both safe and effective.

Understanding that pregnancy and parenthood are precious times that can also encompass many challenges James's vision is to ensure that exercise and nutrition need not be one of those challenges for you.

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