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Why Hypnobirthing Doesn’t Need to be so Hippy

Updated: Jan 2

Midwife Pip Podcast Episode 84.

Honestly, I was there once too- heard the term Hypnobirthing and imagined all the marbles, crystal balls and birthing in the forest- all very hippy style and niche. Now if that’s your thing then of course that’s cool too but actually Hypnobirthing is absolutely for you if you are expecting a baby regardless of how you may plan to birth, and it need not be hippy at all. On this week’s episode I am joined by fellow Midwife, mum of 4, Beth Kitt. Beth often speaks about the way women will always remember the day they give birth and the way it makes them feel and …

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Why Hypnobirthing doesn’t need to be so Hippy

Have you heard of hypnobirthing and wondered what it actually is, and whether it is relevant to you, or your kind of ‘thing’?

The good news is you don’t need to be reading palms or wearing floral hareems to find Hypnobirthing a game changer in your birth journey.

What is hypnobirthing?

What is Hypnobirthing?

Put simply Hypnobirthing is a set of tools and techniques to support you to have a calm, comfortable and empowering birth experience. This can involve breathwork, visualisations, relaxations, affirmations and gaining a comprehensive understanding about your body, baby and birth. You can use as much, or as little of what you learn as you wish but having these simple techniques in your labour toolbox may just be your secret to an incredible birth experience.

Of note as well, the breathwork I practice for my birth in 2021 also came in very handy for surviving the seemingly relentless night feeds in the early weeks and months that followed too.

Why is it so effective?

I often say labour is at least 80% psychological and less about the physical and so our preparation needs to focus on our minds as well.

This is where Hypnobirthing can really help us out. Hypnobirthing and antenatal education classes are not designed to teach your body how to birth- it knows how to do that, and women have been birthing babies since time began. BUT it is convincing your mind that is the game changer in setting you up for a positive experience. What our minds believe our bodies, often, portray.

What comes to your mind when you think about Labour and Birth?

For far too many women words such as PAIN, FEAR and ANXIETY spring straight to mind. But why is this? Why are we living in a time whereby despite birth being safer than ever women are more fearful of it?

Well, it makes perfect sense that women feel this way– we have been conditioned to see birth taking place with women’s legs strapped up in stirrups screaming away with medical professionals running around them. Think of the films and TV programmes you have watched; they all tend to unfortunately portray this vision of birth. Horror-style birth stories online, in the same way we are more likely to leave a negative restaurant review we are also more likely to report up a dramatised birth story. So, there we are - all we see and hear of birth is fairly negative, it is therefore no wonder that we live in an epidemic of birth fear and anxiety.

But does it have to be this way? NO. Absolutely it does not. I have a strong ethos that with the correct education, preparation and support ALL women can have a positive and empowered birth experience. This does not mean all women will have a non-medicated vaginal birth, but it means that planned or unplanned caesarean births, hypnobirths, waterbirths, epidural births, assisted births … every single type of birth … and crucially YOUR birth can be positive.

Mind and Body Connection for Birth:

Your mind and body are so interconnected we can’t utilise one without the other. If we believe birth will be painful and fearful it is likely that is what our body will experience. But if we challenge this, use tools and techniques to prepare and support our minds and bodies we can change this and birth can be calm, empowering and the most incredible time in your life as you embark on the precious journey to motherhood.

Reading lots of positive birth stories and doing research around all modes of birth is a great way to be proactive in preparing for your journey into motherhood.

Have you thought about using Water for your labour or birth? Water can provide a wonderful sense of calm and be fantastic for pain relief, whilst it may not be the right option for everyone it is worth having a read about it here:

For more on ‘Why Hypnobirthing doesn’t need to be so Hippy‘ listen to Midwife Pip Podcast Episode 84 HERE.

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"On this week’s episode I am joined by fellow Midwife, mum of 4, Beth Kitt. Beth often speaks about the way women will always remember the day they give birth and the way it makes them feel and … The truth is antenatal education is unregulated and you can train to become an antenatal educator through a short course of around 3 days in length. I will leave you to ponder on how good you feel that is..."

with love from Midwife Pip

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Midwife Pip

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