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Why Hypnobirthing doesn’t need to be so Hippy

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Midwife Pip Podcast Episode 84.

Honestly, I was there once too- heard the term Hypnobirthing and imagined all the marbles, crystal balls and birthing in the forest- all very hippy style and niche. Now if that’s your thing then of course that’s cool too but actually Hypnobirthing is absolutely for you if you are expecting a baby regardless of how you may plan to birth, and it need not be hippy at all. On this week’s episode I am joined by fellow Midwife, mum of 4, Beth Kitt. Beth often speaks about the way women will always remember the day they give birth and the way it makes them feel and …

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Why Hypnobirthing doesn’t need to be so Hippy

Have you heard of hypnobirthing and wondered what it actually is, and whether it is relevant to you, or your kind of ‘thing’?

The good news is you don’t need to be reading palms or wearing floral hareems to find Hypnobirthing a game changer in your birth journey.