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Updated: Jan 1

Victorias Birth Story

Forceps Birth

* Trigger warning- shoulder dystocia happened at this birth

Oliver, 8lb 11, 1st Jan 2022

On 29th December I had an appointment with the consultant at hospital, as they had been worried that Oliver was a big baby. We had the usual scans/measurements and was advised it was best to be induced. The next day we went into hospital and finally got a bed on the induction ward (not sure if it's called that) at about 6pm. I was examined and was shocked to be told I was already 2cm dilated!

Fast forward to the next morning when I got a bed on the labour ward and had to have my waters broken, which worked on the 2nd attempt.

Fast forward again and I was eventually put on 'the drip' due to having no contractions. Once this happened things ramped up and in the end, I decided to have an epidural, even though I always told myself I wouldn't have one.

I had originally wanted a water birth but obviously could no longer have this due to being induced.

Finally got to 10cms around midnight and even with all my pushing, Oliver was just getting stuck just at that last bit and not coming down far enough. We were told we had to go to theatre and they would probably need to use forceps to deliver Oliver. They kept my epidural topped up, as there was a possibility, I would need a c section if I couldn't deliver naturally.

The next thing I knew, we were wheeled round to theatre and greeted by literally about 20 people. Obviously, this put me right into panic mode.

Oliver was eventually delivered vaginally at 4.50am on 01/01/22 but they had to use forceps and perform the mc Roberts manoeuvre because his shoulders were stuck. Unfortunately, he wasn't breathing and the next thing I knew was him being whisked away to the other side of the room and emergency doctors with red bags running it. I can't explain the feelings going through our heads, as it took us 7 years to fall pregnant and Oliver is literally our little miracle. In the meantime, I was being stitched up (I later found out that a specialist was called from home to do this), as I had lost 1.6 litres of blood. I had a 3rd degree tear and they had to perform an episiotomy.

Thank goodness Oliver was ok and to hear him finally cry and be placed on my chest was the best feeling in the world.

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