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Rebecca Code’s Birth Story: Planned Caesarean Birth

My journey started with fertility difficulties and, after a failed first round of IVF, we were successful on round two! We had been trying to conceive for eight years.

I was advised that being an IVF pregnancy they would like to induce me at 39 weeks. Following a discussion with the care team and a lot of time spent understanding the different options, I felt that a planned section would be preferable for me over other options.

The day of the section, me and my husband arrived on the ward to be greeted by two amazing midwives. They checked us in, let us choose a hat for the baby and explained the process. I felt really supported and cared for.

Then the medical team came to introduce themselves. The consultant immediately put us at ease – we even shared a few jokes. We spoke through my birth preferences and made a collaborative plan of what would happen at the birth.

We walked down to the operating theatre and, although I was anxious, all the medical staff helped to alleviate my nerves. It felt like everyone was there to support me and my husband. The room was calm and it didn't feel rushed, despite the spinal block taking a bit of time to take effect.

From knife to skin to the birth was three minutes! I was so overwhelmed, but staff were there to reassure me and explain what was happening (I had wanted this). Following a brief moment away from me for checks and my husband to cut the cord, my baby was placed skin-to-skin for the remainder of the surgery. With the screen up it felt like me and my husband were in the room alone. Staff quietly went about their jobs, allowing us to have this special moment as a family.

Following the procedure, we went to a small recovery ward and had close support with the midwives who helped me establish breastfeeding (again my preference).

The whole experience felt calm and relaxed. I felt my preferences were listened to and it felt like a really positive experience for both me and my husband. 

My recovery has also felt incredibly positive. After the first initial days, the pain reduced, I’ve been able to get out and about and generally feel well in myself. There is a long way to go with the rehab, but I feel having it planned has allowed my mind and body to be fully prepared, which in turn has helped with my postpartum recovery. 

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