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Pregnancy Myths and Judgement

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Midwife Pip Podcast Episode 89.

You get pregnant and all of a sudden society throws you every myth, old wives tale,

unwanted opinion and judgement you can imagine. Someone who knows this very

well is this weeks guest who I am very excited to chat too because I genuinely love

scrolling her Instagram account knowing she will make me laugh….

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Pregnancy Myths and Judgement

A simple scroll online and Wham Bam you are hit with a rabbit warren of myths, old

waives tales and misconceptions around pregnancy- the do’s and don’ts and

unhelpful opinions of others. At best, disempowering but at worst this can be

dangerous. One of the most frustrating things for me is the sea of inaccuracy and

scaremongering around exercise in pregnancy.

Does Exercise in Pregnancy cause Miscarriage?

I want to dispel the myth that exercise causes miscarriage. It does not, and there is

no evidence to support exercise as a cause for miscarriage.

Shouldn’t we ‘Take it Easy’ in Pregnancy?

It is strange to me that the idea of a pregnant woman needing to ‘take it easy’ in all

aspects of life still exists. Of course, if you’re having a tough day by all means put

your feet up with a cuppa but this same ideology also leads women to stay away for

high impact or resistance exercise in pregnancy. There are many, but three main

reasons, why I disagree with this…

Firstly, pregnancy is your preparation for birth, abit like the training period

before a marathon. Labour and birth are likely to be the biggest physical and

psychological challenges of your life so it makes sense you go into it feeling

your most strong, capable and powerful. Exercise helps you create this

mindset and feel this way. Whereas being told you should rest, must sit down,

not lift anything heavy does the complete opposite.

Secondly, at the end of your pregnancy journey comes motherhood. By

default this involves carrying, lifting and moving an ever growing weight along

with lugging car seats, prams, squatting to pick up toys, change nappies etc.

now I would argue that having rested for 9 months before the endurance

event that is motherhood, whilst conquering sleep deprivation and post birth

recovery is likely to lead us to injury and burn out instead of ensuring our

bodies are physically primed and prepared for this next stage.

And lastly, there are so many benefits for mothers and babies from exercising

in pregnancy from shorter labour, reduced complications in pregnancy and

birth, speedier postpartum recovery. It may even support your baby’s brain

development during pregnancy.

To learn more about the fascinating benefits and to help boost your motivation for movement check out this:

What Exercise should be Avoided in Pregnancy?

With all the positives of exercise during pregnancy, there are some exercises that

aren’t advisable. If you are in doubt, speak to your midwife or GP.

 Contact Sports or Vigorous Racquet Sports during pregnancy- as these may

lead to abdominal trauma, falls or excessive joint stress

 Exercise over 2500m above sea level in pregnancy - may lead to altitude


 Scuba Diving in Pregnancy- A no no here… It can cause birth defects or fetal


 Hot Yoga- Avoid exercise in extreme heat

How much Exercise is recommended in Pregnancy?

The RCOG recommend a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate intensity physical

activity in pregnancy per week including 2 muscle strengthening activities… yes

there is your green light to lift weights and strength train in pregnancy too!

Working with a prenatal specialist in Pregnancy will help give you the guidance and

confidence to know you are training in a way to support your health and wellbeing

whilst staying safe in pregnancy- check out my Pregnancy Exercise courses.

For more on ‘Pregnancy Myths and Judgement‘ listen to Midwife Pip Podcast Episode 88 HERE.

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'On this weeks episode I am joined by Felicity Rosina, who is a Personal Trainer

specialising in Pre and Post Natal Training, currently pregnant with her first baby due

in October she’s all about empowering women and educating them on how they can

still train and feel fit and strong during their pregnancy.'

with love from Midwife Pip

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Midwife Pip

Pip is a Mum, Podcaster and practicing Midwife in the UK, currently working as a Delivery Suite Sister she has a wealth of experience supporting parents-to-be through all aspects of pregnancy, birth and the postpartum. Pip has trained and worked in some of the leading maternity units, has completed a master's programme and is passionate about all aspects of women's health and wellness.

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