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Midwife Pip (My) Birth Story

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

Honestly, I never intended on sharing my birth story.

It is such a personal, precious journey but I have experienced first-hand the power of reading and reflecting on birth stories during my own pregnancy. There are so many ‘horror’ style stories to be read, a bit like restaurant reviews- everyone leaves a bad review, but we often forget to celebrate the good ones. As a midwife, working predominantly in a high risk setting for the past few years I have witnessed many types of birth, many obstetric emergencies and many of what could be featured in the ‘scary birth story’ column. So, therefore I have chosen to share mine with you, my arm has been twisted and fitting with my ethos of supporting women to be excited for birth, not scared I feel it is important I share this.

Midwife Pip Giving Birth

17th September 2021- the most amazing and empowering day of my life. The day our son was born.

I am writing this 2 weeks on from that day and every day since I have reflected on our birth with many a smile. I often explain the importance of quality antenatal education to women in that your birth is so much more than one day it is the creation of memories that stay with you forever and my goodness I now feel how true that is!

On the 16th, the day before Finley’s birth I went to see our community midwife for a stretch and sweep. We had tried 2 days before, but my cervix was too posterior, and Finley’s head was too low for it to be successful. So, first note here is to not be disheartened if you to have an unsuccessful stretch and sweep. Partly because the evidence for their success isn’t there and secondly because just a couple of days later it was successful, my cervix was 3cm dilated and my waters broke. I would call that progress! For which I was mega grateful as like many women who watch their due date come and go, I was feeling a little (very) inpatient.

I can’t say I was contracting at this point; some niggly period style pains were all. But, thanks to my midwifery knowledge and just like we discuss on my antenatal courses I knew how I could support my body for this next stage. A nourishing dinner, walks with my husband, ball bouncing, hydration, creating