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Free Pregnancy Mini Course

I was fortunate that I had a smooth, uncomplicated pregnancy and remained low-risk. I had

to have a GDD test because my dad is diabetic but thankfully that came back negative. It’s

fair to say that my husband and I felt well prepared for our baby’s birth because between us

we had completed an NCT course, Midwife Pip’s YPJ course and read several books. So

when we got to our due date on 11th June, neither of us expected our baby to turn up

because we knew that few babies do! However, although I stayed relatively chilled for the

first few days of being overdue, it definitely got harder as each day came and went. I

bounced and bounced and we tried to get out and do something each day. I didn’t expect

though that we would go on a bowling date and make a water feature pond while waiting for

baby to arrive!