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The female body is incredible.

I ended up in the first stage of labour for circa 36 hours which was fairly long but manageable as we did nice walks / watched films / ate good food (when I say good, I also had a lot of chocolate, sweets, toast - anything I could stomach) / had lots of long showers and I spent copious hours sat on my pilates ball bouncing / leaning over it and trying to stay in my UFO positions (thank you for the tips Pip!). I didn’t get much sleep but surprisingly I was ok as I was just excited that she was actually coming and that I was going to meet her soon!

I was so nearly in established labour on the Tuesday night (we nearly ended up with a 22.02.2022 baby) as was getting contractions every 4 minutes and had started losing my mucus plug too, but then suddenly my contractions jumped to every 10 mins and slowed down massively. Thanks to Pips course I knew that this was normal, even if it did annoy me slightly at the time. My contractions soon ramped up again throughout the next day and I started to rely more on my TENS machine (which I found provided so much relief) and my breathing and everything that I had learnt throughout the course. Once contractions got to 3x every 10 mins we left for the hospital letting them know we were on the way. As we were driving in rush hour, I popped an eye mask on, put my music on loud and tried to just focus on my breathing.

We arrived at around 9am and they wanted to assess me at the MAU first and check I was actually in established labour before heading to the birth centre. They made me wait for quite a while in a waiting room as the midwife said I looked like I would only be around 1/2cm dilated / primed us that we might need to go home. We desperately didn’t want to go home, so I asked her to check because I felt like I was further along

than this and when she did I was actually 4cm & ready to go! Trust your instincts! The midwife offered a sweep at this stage so I said yes to this to see if it got things moving a little quicker.