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After a lovely Sunday morning walk to try to encourage my little one to arrive (I was a week over my EDD and was booked into speak about induction the following day).

During Sunday lunch I started to have some stronger ‘cramps’ than I was use to. Getting home my husband ran me a bath and said he was going to call the MLU just to put them in the picture (as we were trying for a home birth).

I came out of the bath to the lounge where my husband had put my music and affirmations on, got the dim lights on, I was over my swissball trying to concentrate on my breathing and settle into the contraction, my husband soon realised I was ‘zoning out’ another call to the midwife’s they wanted to talk to me but I struggled to chat with the contractions. They decided it was time to send the community midwives out.

I was back in the bath when the midwives arrived and as soon as the midwife who had been seeing me throughout my whole pregnancy came around the door I just felt my body relax.

A short while of rocking, breathing and my husband massaging my lower back, I started to push (my waters only broke at this point and I hadn’t had any ‘show’, all the signs I was looking for to know I was actually in labour).