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After a lovely Sunday morning walk to try to encourage my little one to arrive (I was a week over my EDD and was booked into speak about induction the following day).

During Sunday lunch I started to have some stronger ‘cramps’ than I was use to. Getting home my husband ran me a bath and said he was going to call the MLU just to put them in the picture (as we were trying for a home birth).

I came out of the bath to the lounge where my husband had put my music and affirmations on, got the dim lights on, I was over my swissball trying to concentrate on my breathing and settle into the contraction, my husband soon realised I was ‘zoning out’ another call to the midwife’s they wanted to talk to me but I struggled to chat with the contractions. They decided it was time to send the community midwives out.

I was back in the bath when the midwives arrived and as soon as the midwife who had been seeing me throughout my whole pregnancy came around the door I just felt my body relax.

A short while of rocking, breathing and my husband massaging my lower back, I started to push (my waters only broke at this point and I hadn’t had any ‘show’, all the signs I was looking for to know I was actually in labour).

At 0123 our little girl was born in our bedroom (not the planned room but it was perfect). Unfortunately my placenta was not coming as easily, after trying to go to the toilet and a catheter to help empty my bladder, my midwife said it’s getting quite close to the hour (I knew that was the cut off and that I would have to go to hospital for assistance if I didn’t pass it soon).

I turned all my energy into getting the placenta out and in a deep squat I was relieved I did it.

I was buzzing, my little girl having daddy cuddle I lay on the bed while the midwife put a stitch in just to be on the safe side and after that it was time for tea, toast, more skin to skin cuddles and feeding my little one.

The midwife staff were amazing, they settled us in for the night, cleared up everything and made sure we were all okay before saying goodnight, and reassuring us that another midwife would be over in the morning to see how we were doing.

with love from Midwife Pip

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Midwife Pip

Pip is a Mum, Podcaster and practicing Midwife in the UK, currently working as a Delivery Suite Sister she has a wealth of experience supporting parents-to-be through all aspects of pregnancy, birth and the postpartum. Pip has trained and worked in some of the leading maternity units, has completed a master's programme and is passionate about all aspects of women's health and wellness.

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