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A Positive Planned Caesarean Experience

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Midwife Pip Podcast Episode 85.

1 in 4 women give birth in the UK via caesarean Section, which means we are doing

a huge injustice to 25% off the motherhood population if we do not discuss this mode

of birth. This week’s guest is mum, Georgia who has recently given birth to her

second baby via a Caesarean section that she chose as her mode of birth. Georgia

sent me a gorgeous video capturing the moment her little girl Luna was born via

caesarean that honestly gave me goosebumps…

Listen HERE

A Positive Planned Caesarean Experience

Caesarean Birth really has come a long way in recent years, it need not be viewed

as a clinical surgical procedure and can instead be an individualised, empowering

and positive mode of giving birth taking into account your birth preferences and