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We help train, coach and empower pregnant and postpartum women. We support women with honest, evidence based coaching, enabling them to stay fit, healthy and active through pregnancy and into motherhood. 

Just some of the companies we have worked with

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Daily Mail and Midwife Pip
Pregnancy and Postnatal Fitness

Giving You The Very Best In Fitness and Coaching Support to Get You The Results You Deserve

The most effective and results driven App Based Pregnancy and Postpartum fitness programme you will ever do.

Choose the programme that’s right for you and let us empower you to a more healthy Pregnancy and Postpartum.

Midwife Pip Pregnancy Fitness


Who's it for:  Pregnant Women

Results: Reduce Pregnancy Complications and Unwanted Symptoms, Prepare for Birth and the Postpartum, Develop Strength, Prevent Pain, Maintain Fitness, Improve Confidence


Who's it for: Immediate postpartum or wanting to return to exercise postpartum


Results: Improve Healing and Recovery, Re-Develop Your Base Fitness, Improve Your Health and Wellbeing, Re-Build Foundations

Postantal Exercise


Who's it for: Anyone who's had a baby (Postpartum)

Results: Correct Dysfunction, Increase Strength and Stamina, Support your Mental Wellbeing and Return to Full Fitness and Beyond

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Your Performance Fitness


Who's it for: The Experienced Athlete

Focus: Designed for those competent with Barbell and Gym Based Movement Patterns. Committed to training more gym based movements with an end goal in mind… be it Functional Training, Running, Triathlon, Cycling, Rugby, Netball, Hockey. 

Your Athlete Fitness

*Application Basis

Who's it for: The Elite/ Goal Driven Athlete

Focus:  The Bespoke Individual Programme Designed for you.

*Limited Places

Pregnancy and Postpartum Fitness

The very best coaching and support from Midwife Pip and Coach James. The best of both worlds for you to have everything you need for your fitness in pregnancy and the postpartum. With multiple degrees, leading qualifications and experience working with thousands of women you can be sure you are in the safest hands… Coach James is one of the most highly qualified coaches in the U.K and Pip an experienced, practicing Midwifery Sister. 

Designed with you in mind. All our programmes are specific to your journey and are suitable for all abilities. From pre and postnatal fitness through to cycling, running and elite athletes. We support all and give the tools needed to enrich all aspects of your pregnancy and postpartum journey. 


More Than a Training Programme:
Our programmes are much more than just training programmes- we aim for them to be an educational experience where you fully understand how, when and what to do so it feels like you have a coach with you every session.

Always Supported: 
We are with you every step of the way from follow along videos and exercise demo's within our own App we will be on hand at all times to make sure you have all the support you need. 

Results Driven:  
A proven track record of world class results. Our highly experienced team design programmes that are results driven and that go through meticulous planning that is underpinned by science to give you a training programme that is simple and clear to understand.

Evidence Based: 
Working across our 4 pillars of Mindset, Movement, Nutrition and Recovery we will make sure that we provide a holistic approach to enrich all aspects of life.

We have your pregnancy covered too: 
The benefits you and your baby can reap from exercise are huge. The evidence shows that exercising in pregnancy helps to reduce unwanted pregnancy symptoms such as constipation, poor sleep, low mood, swelling and pelvic or back pain. But it can also reduce the risk of pregnancy complications.
Midwife Pip Fitness Courses
Midwife Pip Blog

We cover a range of topics and answer

your most asked questions. Our blog is a great resource for you to learn about everything pregnancy, postpartum, fitness and women's health. 

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