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The Most Supported 

Your Pregnancy Journey will give you expert guidance, support and advice from the point of a positive test to having your little one safely in your arms

Everything you need for the entirety of your pregnancy and much more 

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Midwife Pip Testimonial

"Pip answered questions and queries throughout the course She always provided helpful and quick responses Despite not going to plan the birth was a positive experience for us both and we believe that is down to what we learnt in the course which allowed us to feel in control of each decision . Thank you Pip for all your support!

Hannah Lyon-Wall

Your Pregnancy Journey

Midwife Pip Testimonial

"Having Pip by my side throughout my pregnancy and postpartum I am so glad I took the plunge to join the course. An important investment into undoubtably the most amazing journey you’ll ever take. Thank you Pip x

Beth Hodge

Your Pregnancy Journey


Midwife Pip will hold your hand through all stages of pregnancy from Trimester 1 to Trimester 3 ensuring you understand and manage all the changes your body is going through and the hurdles and challenges you maybe faced with. Pip will ensure you have everything you need so you can put your worries aside.

Pregnancy Support with Midwife Pip
Your Pregnancy Journey Course


Our leading education platform with over 90 videos allows you to access the support and information anywhere in the world through any device and on our app. This ensures you have Midwife Pip at the palm of your hand, any place, any time so you don't have to use Dr Google!


Chat live with Pip so she gets to know you personally, understand your goals and supports you to achieve them. This extra support alongside all your videos, PDF's allows for an immersive experience where Midwife Pip can fully support you.

Live Calls with Midwife Pip

And Much Much More...

Antenatal & Hypnobirthing Course
Understand how to be physically and psychologically prepared for birth, the early postpartum and caring for your baby with honest, expert and evidence-based information.
24/7 Access
Access to Midwife Pip 24/7 making sure you have all your questions answered and feel fully supported
Allowing you to get to know other expectant parents and embrace the benefit of 360-degree support. When women support other women, amazing things happen.

Get started today and benefit from all the support and advice

Your Pregnancy Journey with Midwife Pip

Your Pregnancy Journey with Midwife Pip
Foundation Course
Trimester 2 Course
Trimester 3 Course
24/7 Access to Midwife Pip
Hypnobirthing Education
Community Support Group
Bonus Packages
Your Pregnancy Journey

Your Midwife
Midwife Pip

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Your Pregnancy Journey Benefits

Feel Informed:
Midwife Pip holds your hand through every step of pregnancy, ensuring you have all the information you need. From bleeding in pregnancy, pregnancy fatigue, managing morning sickness and much more.

Feel Educated: 
No more Dr Google! You will have all the information and guidance you need anytime and anywhere to make the right choices.

Feel Supported:  
The expert support on hand will reduce your anxieties, uncertainties and worries about pregnancy. Midwife Pip and other mums are on hand to give you all the support and help you need without any time pressures at a time where you deserve the upmost, comprehensive knowledge

Feel Healthier: 
You will learn to support your body and baby by optimising nutrition, pelvic health, mental wellbeing and much much more, which will improve your pregnancy wellbeing.

Feel Like Superwomen: 
A birth journey like no other, leaving you feeling, empowered, educated, supported and more importantly giving you that superwomen physical and mental mindset to achieve anything.
The best pregnancy course

The Very Best Honest, Evidence Based Expert Advice with Midwife Pip

Midwife Pip

Midwife Pip 

Midwife Pip is a practicing Midwife Sister, Podcaster, Researcher and Mum. Currently working as a Delivery Suite Sister, she has a wealth of experience supporting thousands of women and parents to be through all aspects of pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

Pip has worked and trained at some of the leading maternity units, has continued to study through a masters programme and is passionate about all things women's health and wellness. 

Pip is on a mission to bridge this gap by providing honest, evidence based antenatal and postnatal education to ensure women feel empowered to birth free from fear and prepared to navigate their parenting journey.
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  • What qualifications does Pip have?
    Pip is an experienced and practicing NHS Midwifery Sister graduating with a first class BsC Midwifery. With 10 years of experience supporting many, many women, babies and families her passion for excellence is as strong as ever. Pip has gone onto complete a MsC as well as being involved in research projects and published literature to improve women's experiences in the maternity services. With a Diploma in KGH Hypnobirthing to add you really are in the very best, expert hands on this course with Pip. And, of course Pip is also a mum herself so she understands the journey you are on.
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