Your Antenatal Course with Midwife Pip

 Antenatal & Hypnobirthing Course

With the correct education, preparation and support ALL women can have a positive and empowered birth experience.



Hello, I am Pip- an experienced practicing Midwifery Sister, MSc graduate, Researcher, Podcaster and a Mum. I am a mission to ensure that all expectant and new mum’s feel like superwoman during pregnancy and when they give birth. I believe passionately that with the right support, honest and evidence-based information all pregnancy and birth experiences should be positive regardless of any twists and turns that may crop up.

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For too many women associated words such as pain, fear, and anxiety when they think about labour and birth. Have any negative associations crossed your mind when you have thought about your birth?


But why is this? Why are we living in a time whereby despite birth being safer than ever women are more fearful of it?


Well, it makes perfect sense that you may feel this way– we have been conditioned to see birth taking place with women’s legs strapped up in stirrups screaming away with medical professionals running around them. Think of the films and TV programmes you have watched; they all tend to unfortunately portray this vision of birth. Horror-style birth stories online, in the same way we are more likely to leave a negative restaurant review we are also more likely to report up a dramatised birth story. So, there we are - all we see and hear of birth is fairly negative, it is therefore no wonder that we live in an epidemic of birth fear and anxiety.


But does it have to be this way? NO.  Absolutely it does not. You can feel excited and informed as you prepare for your birth- the most momentous day in your life.

Around birth


As an experienced Midwifery Sister having worked with and supported many, many women and their families over the years, time and time again I see women having been disempowered with unreliable, conflicting information.


It can be so tempting to delve into a rabbit warren of internet searches during this precious time as you are desperate to do everything to support your little one the very best you can. There is also many well-meaning ‘birth educators’ who are not actually fully qualified or practicing professionals making it a challenging to find a course that truly provides you with the expertise you deserve. The difficulty is that you can end up deep in a sea of inaccurate information that, at best, is disempowering and, at worst, is dangerous.


Does this sound familiar to you? It is a real challenge because you want the very best for your body and baby during your pregnancy but have nowhere else to turn.


Antenatal and Hypnobirthing Course

Your Antenatal & Hypnobirthing Course includes extensive information about labour and birth physiology, modes of birth, what to expect from potential twists and turns such as induction of labour, ways to prepare your body and mind for the best experience and crucially we also discuss what to expect from the postpartum, your recovery, infant feeding and all the essential newborn care you need to know about too.


Every question of yours will be answered with rapid response times from Pip and access to Pip’s supportive community group to allow you to chat with other expectant parents, build friendships and feel the benefit of 360o support. Pip shares her expert wisdom and experience with you through this course to ensure you are equipped with exceptional guidance every step of the way.


If a positive and empowered birth experience is what you are looking for Pip has you covered.


what's included?

Evidence Based Information 

Access to your series of honest, evidence-based information videos covering all aspects of your physical and psychological birth preparation, essential hypnobirthing tools and techniques and my expert tips and tricks to help support the birth you wish to have. I think it is also imperative we start to prepare for the fourth trimester during this time too so I will also guide you through essential early newborn care skills and to understand what to expect in the postpartum including your post birth recovery and wellbeing.

24/7 Access to Pip

Through your course group I am available to you at the click of a button- you can ask any questions, anytime and anywhere and I will respond to you directly so you can guarantee you and your baby receive expert guidance every step of the way.

*4 Weekly Live Calls

Chat live with me every 4 weeks so that I can get to know you personally, understand your goals and support you to achieve them. As a group we get to know each other better in my super valuable supportive community of other mums on the same journey as you. This had led to friendships being established by previous course attendees that have extended well beyond pregnancy.

Community Support Group

You will be invited into my Your Antenatal & Hypnobirthing Support Group. This allows you to further get to know other expectant parents and embrace the benefit of 360 degree support- when women support women amazing things happen.

All Your Bonuses

Your baby choking safety video, Birth Preference Planner, Hospital Bag Checklist, New Baby Checklist, Positive Birth Affirmations, Postpartum Affirmations and PDF Worksheets to assist you along the way through each video.

​My beautiful clients 


Pip is such a great inspirational speaker! She helped answer everyones questions and put us all at ease with facts, experiences and knowledge. I would thoroughly recommend her course to anyone expecting both partners and those expecting I only wished I'd attend more courses sooner to help relax and put my mind at ease.

Antenatal and Hypnobirthing Course

Helen Woodward

Your Antenatal Course


Everything was explained so well and you really helped changed my focus on what is important, now wanting to focus on movement and mindset in the weeks leading up to birth. I now feel empowered to face my birth and baby’s arrival with much less apprehension and more confidence. A massive thank you!

Hypnoirthing Course

Emily Underhill

Your Antenatal Course


Pip’s antenatal course has made us feel empowered and prepared for the birth of our baby. We appreciated the unbiased delivery of information and the positive messages Pip delivered throughout the course. We would recommend this course to all expectant parents and birth partners, even if they have a good understanding of the birth process. Pip, thank you so much for helping us to look forward to the birth of our baby!

Antenatal Course

Tanya Gregory 

Your Antenatal Course

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 Antenatal & Hypnobirthing Course Basic

Your Antenatal & Hypnobirthing Online Course – worth £350

Community Group – worth £200

 £35 p/m

SAVE 77% 

Your   Antenatal & Hypnobirthing Course with Midwife Pip

with pip

Your Antenatal & Hypnobirthing Online Course– worth £350

Live Group calls with Pip every 4 weeks – worth £800


Community Group – worth £200

£50 p/m

Antenatal & Hypnobirthing Course Private


Your Antenatal & Hypnobirthing Online Course - worth £350

Live Group calls with Pip every 4 weeks - worth £800


Community Group - worth £200

Live Private calls with Pip every 2 weeks - worth £1850


SAVE 6% 

SAVE 86% 



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