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Hear from those who have completed Midwife Pip's Antenatal Courses...

Pip left me feeling confident, knowledgeable, and even EXCITED about labour... I cannot recommend her enough.

I'm so happy because I feel confident, well  informed  and empowered to continue this journey and if I am lucky enough to have a midwife like Pip that would be a silver lining.

Pip is incredible.  I feel so knowledgable and after today I feel so relaxed and actually excited about labour! The way she explains everything - it is so  incredible, informative but easy to understand.

I'm recommending this course to every pregnant couple I know. I could go on and on about how beneficial it was ...

The course is probably the best money I have spent on my pregnancy. Everything I needed to know was well covered, well explained and easy to understand. I absolutley love Pip's idea of a pre questionnaire as I knew my concerns would be fully covered.

I have been telling everyone how you've changed my outlook on birth and labour. My midwife said she wished everyone was as excited, confident and knowledgable about what they are going into and what they want.

My husband and I would thoroughly  recommend Midwife Pip's course. Pip took the time to clearly inform us of all aspects of labour and the postpartum. 

I felt assured that all of my questions were answered (however obscure) and certainly feel better having evidence based answers from someone so well qualified as Midwife 


Pip made everything easy to understand and I feel it has given me a realistic and optomsitc outlook towards my labour. I truly feel more prepared and excited having taken this course.

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