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Frequently asked questions

What Does Hanjin Intermodal do?

Hanjin Intermodal America is a leading Global Logistic Solution Provider, providing international transportation services for various import and export cargo based on the highest level of infrastructure and network. We are solidifying our position as a global SCM provider through land transportation and air and sea transportation linked services that actively utilize Hanjin's unique land, sea, and air logistics infrastructure.
In addition, through third-party logistics (3PL) services and supply chain consulting, we support customers to utilize their supply chain management as a competitive advantage to reduce total system costs and innovate business processes to promote growth and change. We provide easy inventory management and customized services to customers through an advanced warehouse facility including an automated fulfillment system.

What industries does Hanjin intermodal serve?

To the extent that it is more difficult to find industries that are not involved, Hanjin provides services in all fields. Hanjin provides customers (B2B & B2C) in industries such as aerospace, defense, automotive, semiconductor, medical, cosmetics, food and beverage, optimized solutions for each customer, including warehousing and transportation, based on Hanjin's unique know-how. In addition, as the best partner for customers running E-commerce and retail, we help provide solutions and grow for business. Lastly, we are also responsible for logistics for military personal belongings through the U.S Government contract.

Are there Hanjin Intermodal near me?

That's very likely. Hanjin is currently operating based in California, New Jersey, New York, Washington, Georgia, Illinois, Texas and Oregon in the United States, providing integrated logistics services throughout North America along with its Toronto and Vancouver partners in Canada.

Through its parent company, Hanjin Group, a global network has been formed in over 150 cities in 80 countries, including China, Europe, Southeast Asia, and Japan, and is growing as a leader in the global logistics industry.

What is Hanjin Intermodal’s core business philosophy?

Our Vision is Global Smart Logistics Solution. Since its foundation in 1945, Hanjin Group has been constantly pioneering new logistics routes, and Hanjin Intermodal America is also operating under the following Core business philosophy. 1. Best logistics service 2. Leading change/innovation for sustainable growth 3. Ethics/precision Management 4. Expanding global network and nurturing human resources 5. Social Contribution and Win-Win Management

Can I get supply chain consulting for my business?

Yes, we provide expert knowledge and competitive solutions based on our global network of data and experience working in a variety of industries at leading companies. Through experts in supply chain analytics, business modeling, technology and operation, we help reduce risk, predict change, and lay the foundation for successful business operations. We provide in-depth data analysis and results-driven consulting to help our clients make useful information and grow their business.

How can I apply to work at Hanjin Intermodal?

We are looking for innovative and competent talents to lead Hanjin. We look forward to your support as we will realize our new dream by spreading our capabilities at Hanjin, the best logistics company.

Please send your resume to or click HERE to apply

How do I contact you to discuss more about business partnership?

Please send an email to or click HERE to connect with business development experts

Does Hanjin Intermodal provide business intelligences system to support my business?

Yes, we use WMS developed through Hanjin's own business intelligence (BI) Tools to help customers easily check inventory management and logistics status. Through the Hanjin WMS, the business status can be grasped in real time through visualized data and organized reports, and future plans can be made through the forecast.