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James is an Exercise and Nutrition Scientist with a specialist interest in pregnancy and postpartum health and fitness. He has a Sports Science degree and is a fully qualified pregnancy personal trainer. James believes that pregnancy is a powerful time to optimise your own health as well as your child and family's health for the future.

James has an extensive portfolio having worked within elite sports for many years from Premier League Football to Olympic and Commonwealth athletes and within leading independent schools. Being NSCA 'CSCS' accredited ensures that you can guarantee your pregnancy exercises and workouts designed by James will be both safe and effective.

James recognises that every woman and pregnancy is unique and so he adopts a bespoke approach to his pregnancy and postpartum exercise programmes to ensure you meet your individual goals. Non-judgement and professionalism underpin all of the pregnancy and postpartum advice given and are complemented by continual midwifery support.

Understanding that pregnancy and parenthood are precious times that can also encompass many challenges James's vision is to ensure that exercise and nutrition need not be one of those challenges for you.

James ethos is that "If you signed up for a marathon, then sat on your sofa for 9 months this would not be optimal preparation. Birth is your marathon - and pregnancy is your journey of opportunity to prepare your mind and body for a positive experience.

Coach James

Coach James

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