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Postnatal Telephone Consultation

And just like that you become a mum...


Pip understands that some of the challenges of the postnatal period, supporting your postnatal body and the processes of birth recovery, becoming a parent and caring for your newborn baby cannot be predicted.


Pip offers a bespoke midwifery support service via telephone to provide you with midwifery advice and support to help you have a positive start to motherhood. 

Caring for your newborn baby

Supporting your postnatal body

Caring for your Mental Health

Establishing Breastfeeding

Pip has a compassionate and non-judgemental ethos when it comes to parenting choices and aims to provide you with the best available evidence to help you to make informed choices that are right for your family.

"Your body has been entirely devoted to growing, nurturing and birthing your new baby so it is imperative that you don't neglect yourself in the postpartum period."



Postnatal education and support for your postnatal body to recover as well as protecting your mental health should be a priority. Pip aims to ensure mum's can enjoy getting to know their baby and make precious memories in the postpartum period in a bubble of positivity, support and calm.

Midwife Pip Postnatal Support

1 x 15 minute Postnatal Support Telephone Consultation £25

within the first 14 days of birth

Postnatal Telephone Support

2 x 15 minute Postnatal Support Telephone Consultations £40

within the first 14 days of birth

Once you have completed your payment please email: so we can book in your consultations at a time convenient for you

Postnatal Telephone Consultation