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Top Tips for managing the First Trimester of Pregnancy

Updated: Jan 1

Top Tips for managing the First Trimester of Pregnancy

Top Tips for managing the First Trimester of Pregnancy:

The first trimester of pregnancy is the most challenging trimester in my eyes, you find out you're pregnant – and then what? Do you tell anyone you are pregnant in the first trimester? What symptoms are normal in the first trimester? What should you avoid in the first trimester of pregnancy? There are so many questions, so many changes and so many symptoms it can feel overwhelming (and exciting too of course!).

Here are some of my top tips to the first trimester:

· Confide in a tribe. There is no right or wrong way or time to announce your pregnancy and everyone will approach this differently, but it can be helpful to tell a select tribe of people that you are pregnant. Often women fear telling people in case they have a miscarriage, but the reality is should you experience a miscarriage you are going to need people to support you and they may be able to do this better if they knew you were pregnant.

· Eat whatever you can, whenever you can. A heightened sense of smell accompanied with nausea can make eating a challenge in the first trimester so be kind to yourself and eat whatever feels achievable until these symptoms pass.

· Accept rest. In the first trimester of pregnancy, although you may not physically look pregnant, yet your body is working super hard and in the first 10 weeks your baby is almost entirely formed. This hard, detailed work means the first trimester can be exhausting so nap and relax when you need so your body can work its baby growing miracles.

· Take photos- track your pregnancy through taking pictures of your bump as it grows. Even if you don’t feel like it, you will look back on these photos and marvel at what your body has done.

· Ensure you are taking Folic Acid and Vitamin D supplements to support your baby’s development and pregnancy health. These micronutrients are important for reducing developmental issues and pregnancy complications so if you find out your pregnant and haven’t been taking them it is time to start right away.

For more tips on the First Trimester of Pregnancy, check out this week’s Podcast Episode, created in partnership with Aptaclub and available on all podcast platforms Midwife Pip Podcast Episode 128. Top tips for the first trimester of pregnancy


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