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Top Considerations when it comes to Induction of Labour

When deciding about a labour induction it is essentially like having a set of old-fashioned weighing scales and using them to determine whether it is safer for baby to be born or to remain inside his/her mother by considering all the pro’s and con’s to your individual circumstance.

Individual circumstance being a key point! This will look very different for everybody so try not to be influenced by external noise and instead look at the evidence specific to you, your baby, family, wants and wishes. A numerical risk may feel very different to me than it does to you and that is absolutely OK and why we should not allow our decision to be influenced by experiences of others.

Are there good reasons for Induction of Labour?

In short- Yes.

Whilst there are many ‘good’ reasons, supported by evidence that induction of labour for certain conditions at the correct time improve outcomes for mothers and babies such as pre-eclampsia there are also times whereby it may be offered with less substantial evidence and overuse of inappropriate induction of labour may in fact lead to more intervention and less positive experiences for women.

Therefore, that balance and informed decision making is so vital when it comes to induction of labour.