With Midwife Pip


Mums-to-be and birth partners invited! This 1 to 1course is BESPOKE and tailored to your individual wants and needs.

Pip navigates labour and birth with you to ensure you UNDERSTAND your body's physiology and feel CONFIDENT and capable in your ability to birth.

The result: You approach birth EXCITED and are set to have an informed and POSITIVE birth experience.

Pip discusses key areas you need to know about caring for NEWBORN and yourself in the immediate POSTPARTUM period.

Your individualised course is live and INTERACTIVE so that Pip can ensure all of your QUESTIONS are answered.


Pip understands that some of the challenges of the postnatal period, supporting your postnatal body and the processes of recovering and learning about parenthood and caring for your newborn baby cannot be predicted.

This exclusive course option provides evidence-based midwifery advice and support beyond pregnancy and birth to help you have a positive start to motherhood- With 2 x 15 minute telephone consultations within the 14 days following your birth.


  • Preparation for labour and birth

  • Place of birth- including waterbirth and homebirth

  • Labour physiology and hormones

  • Stages of labour

  • Induction of labour

  • Pain relief options for labour

  • Positions for labour and birth

  • Role and top tips for birthing partners

  • Packing your hospital bag

  • Modes of birth- including vaginal, assisted and caesarean section birth

  • Perineal massage and perineal tearing

  • Creating a positive birth environment

  • Making a birth preference plan

  • Your postnatal care

  • Caring for your newborn baby

  • Postnatal mental health

  • Infant feeding choices


Pip understands that each woman and birth partner is UNIQUE. To ensure all of your needs are met in your Exclusive Private Antenatal Class Pip will get in touch before your course starts with a Pre-Course Questionnaire. This bespoke and PERSONALISED approach ensures you really do get the BEST SERVICE and that no stone is left unturned. 

Bringing you expert, evidence based knowledge to empower you on your journey to parenthood.

Equipping you with the tools to have a positive birth experience regardless of twists and turns that may crop up.

Answering your questions and making sure you feel confident and excited as you prepare to meet your baby.

Each course consists of 2 x 2 hour classes via Zoom live with Pip


2 x 15 minute telephone consultations in the first 14 days postpartum

Exclusive Antenatal Class

I am so excited to get to know you better and to support you on your positive birth and parenthood journey. 

I will be in touch soon to arrange your classes at times convinient to you. You will also recieve a Pre-course Questionnaire so we can ensure all of your needs are met. 


Pip also offers Group Antenatal Classes- CLICK HERE for more details on this service

"A positive birth does not need to be un-medicated; it just needs to be from an informed place of positivity and free from fear." - Midwife Pip