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Supporting You to Correctly Rehabilitate Your Body

Your Postnatal Recovery allows you to rehabilitate your body straight after birth through evidence based exercises with expert support.

Just some of the companies we have worked with

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Everything you need from post birth to return back to exercise, fitness and beyond.

Your Postnatal Recovery 

  • 4+ Sessions Weekly

  • 10-35 Min Sessions

  • 12 Week Programme

  • Complete at Home

  • Follow Along Fitness

  • Immediate Recovery Techniques

  • Pelvic Floor and Scar Programme

  • Screening and Readiness Testing

  • Track Your Progress

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An evidence based approach to postpartum recovery. We will focus on a number of key areas and build a strong foundation to give you the very best opportunity to return to the things you love doing in your training from Running, Gym Training to Triathlons and Sporting Performance.

Postnatal Recovery with Midwife Pip


This 12 week programme guides you through each day to make sure you have everything you need to complete the programme. It even considers the time and the challenges that come with parenthood. 


Your life long physical wellbeing is extremely important for your health as a women. We the lack of support available to you, this course ensures your body is fully recovered from the changes and adaptations your body has made during pregnancy and birth

Postnatal Course

And Much Much More...

Go through the course with Midwife Pip and Coach James showing you everything you need to know to aid recovery postpartum.
24/7 Access
Making sure you have all your questions answered and feel fully supported from Midwife Pip and Coach James
Allowing you to get to know other expectant parents and embrace the benefit of 360-degree support. When women support other women, amazing things happen.

Get started today and benefit from all the support and advice

Your Postnatal Recovery

Your Postnatal Recovery Programme
Community Group
Pregnancy and Postpartum Fitness
24/7 Access to Pip and James

Your Coaches
Pip and James


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Your Postnatal Recovery Programme Benefits

Improve Pelvic Floor and Core Health:
Regain control of your pelvic floor and understand how to use it in various positions and whilst doing different exercises and improve your strength and endurance in your core.

Recondition Muscles Through Movement:
Working on specific Fundamental Movements that will help get you stronger, fitter and more mobile, all from the comfort of your own home.

Test and Screen Yourself:  
A selection of specific tests and screens designed to help you understand where you are in your postnatal recovery and to help you understand when you maybe ready to return to full exercise. 

Feel Supported:
The expert support on hand will reduce your anxieties, uncertainties and worries about your recovery. Midwife Pip, Coach James and other mums are on hand to give you all the support and help you need without any time pressures at a time where you deserve the most support.

Improve Cardiovascular Fitness:
Week by week we will slowly increase the intensity and volume of cardio exercise, using a number of low impact methods.

Feel Healthier and Improve Posture:
Support your postpartum body with specific exercises that will help correct and elevate some of the changes that have come with pregnancy. The exercises will help support a healthy return to exercise and full fitness.
Postnatal Recovery

The Very Best Honest, Evidence Based Expert Advice with Midwife Pip and Coach James

Midwife Pip and Coach James

Midwife Pip and Coach James

The very best coaching and support from Midwife Pip and Coach James.

The best of both worlds for you to have everything you need for your fitness in pregnancy and the postpartum.

With multiple degrees, leading qualifications and experience working with thousands of women you can be sure you are in the safest hands…

Coach James is one of the most highly qualified coaches in the U.K and Pip an experienced, practicing Midwifery Sister. 

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