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Free Pregnancy Workshop

Free Pregnancy

My Trimester specific workshops are designed to give the best head start on Your Pregnancy Journey

I have created these mini workshops to help you

Navigate Pregnancy

Dispel Myths

Support You


Trimester 1, full of twists and turns, excitement and sickness. It is a bit of a rollercoaster, from Morning Sickness to Pregnancy Fatigue... but such a key time as your baby starts to develop it's major organs.

This workshop will help you understand how to better manage some of these dreaded symptoms and best optimise the health of you and your baby. Making you feel more informed and confident. 

I will share with you some of my top tips and techniques to best support you on this amazing journey. 

Trimester 1
Trimester 2 Workshop


You should have now had your dating scan and got your first glimpse of you baby... yes, your baby! 

This workshop sheds the light on all the myths you may have found online or on social media. I will talk some of they key things you should be doing in this trimester and some important signs to look out for, 

If you want to ensure you are armed with some top tips for trimester 2, be sure to tune in below.


You're on the home straight to having your baby in your arms and let be real, your birth is a huge deal.


It is not just one day it is the creation of memories and emotions that will literally stay with you forever. Let's not chance a positive birth, let's ensure it is an incredibly empowering and positive experience regardless of any twists or turns that may crop up.


If expert preparation for your journey through Birth and into Motherhood sounds good to you then let do this...

Trimester 3 Workshop
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